Thursday, June 19, 2008

Say "Hello" to Baby Greer!

Well, our first doctor's appointment has come and gone and everything looks good! I'm 8 weeks along and the baby (just one) looks great. (Justin thinks it looks like a frog.) My official due date is January 29th, so we get to spend another winter in freezing Rexburg. I guess somehow we'll survive the snow. At least I won't have to be huge and pregnant during the summer heat : )

As expected, I jinxed myself in my last post by saying I hadn't thrown up yet. Last week was not fun at all. I threw up quite a lot, but luckily, my mom reminded me about Unisom. I made Justin go buy some this past Sunday night and it's been my best friend the last few days! I'm feeling much better as far as nausea and throwing up go, but I'm still really really tired... Justin is a great help to me with everything and is taking his job as "Dad" very seriously making sure I'm eating healthy food and have snacks handy etc. It's adorable.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Baby update

I know I said I'd write more to update today so here goes. I don't actually have a doctor's appointment until the 19th, so really after that I'll have more to say about the baby (who we are lovingly calling "Peanut" for now). For example, the due date... We think it's sometime at the beginning of February but we're not really sure.

I've had a few people ask how I'm feeling and until yesterday I was feeling fabulous! I haven't thrown up yet but yesterday at work I had to keep crackers in my pocket all day to avoid it. Nausea is no fun. It's not as bad today so that's nice. Anyways, we're really excited and will keep everyone up to date on things!

--Just a random side note, I'm so excited to see Justin be a dad : ) After he kissed me goodbye this morning, he kissed Peanut goodbye too. I loved it!