Friday, October 31, 2008


In case you couldn't tell, we were the Phantom and Christine!

As you can see, the Phantom is
impressively handsome and seductive. He was definitely the best dressed in the ward halloween party last week and at a party we went to tonight. Insanely charming, no doubt...

I'll bet you didn't know the rest of the story though. Christine realized she didn't really want to be with Raoul and left him to run back to the Phantom. He was just plain too irresistable. They led a secret life together and ended up having a baby... Scandal... :)

A few other things happening with us lately, our ward was split last week and we are in the new ward (for our last 6 weeks here), so we're on to our third Bishop in a year. Justin's home teaching companion got called as the 1st counselor so he'll definitely be getting it done now. (He did before anyways) Technically neither one of us has callings anymore because they were in the old ward. I'm still going to guess that I'll be playing the organ until we move.

Also, yesterday was my birthday! I'm completely legal now. I got my new sideways drivers license and we went to Applebees (thanks to my parents). That's about all, but it was great anyways! For my birthday, Justin got me a very funny present. It's a baby bib. I'm sure Carrie will love it. I know I do :)

She is wiggling and growing like crazy--straight up! My belly pretty much looks the same size as it has the last few weeks, but I feel like she's trying to expand my ribcage. She doesn't really kick my ribs, I think she's just starting to be tucked up underneath them... and there's not really room. We've decided that she is definitely part of our family and doesn't like the cold, so instead of sticking out, she's trying to tuck up inside of me as much as possible. :) Silly girl.

A quick note

I just noticed something. The little spinning baby on the right side of our page that shows how far along I am, (today) looks like she's plugging her nose and cannonballing into a pool or something. I thought it was funny :) I'll post with more pics tomorrow!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Getting closer...

Justin is now officially done with his internship, his last day was yesterday. He only has 7 weeks left of school and then we're off to Arizona! We decided since we don 't have a job yet, we'd just pick a place to go and Arizona it is. :) Yeah for warmer weather! Justin has had some luck finding contacts in Arizona who know "everyone" so we're hopeful that he'll be able to pin down a job soon.

I (Rebecca) just got hired as a substitute teacher for the school district in Rexburg to try to fill in some empty spots since I'm not working very much at the hospital. I only get called in when they're really full and need extra nurses. I did get a 42 cent raise this week so that will help out. Hopefully with sub teaching and Justin starting to Ref basketball this week we'll be pulling in some more money.

We've started packing up some things around the house and turned our second bedroom into the packing room. I sometimes get anxious and just want to pack everything. I have to remind myself that we still have a month and a half left. :)

We had a ward halloween party tonight and went as the Phantom and Christine. We'll take a picture actually on halloween and post it then. I competed in the women's pie-eating contest (after much coaxing from Justin) and almost made myself sick. Nobody really won, we all gave up before we finished, but we called the girl that was closest the winner. I was only a couple people behind. We didn't have a camera with us, but I know some people in the ward got a few pictures so I'll try to get them and post them later.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hyper Baby Girl and Freeeezing Weather!

We (Rebecca and Carrie) had a doctor's appointment a couple days ago at exactly 24 weeks. She measured a week ahead however, so maybe, possibly, (probably not) that means I won't go over my due date. We've still got 16 weeks to go, a lot can change.

Out of random curiosity yesterday I kept a tally of each time I felt her move. By dinnertime I had felt her over 50 times! I never realized it was that much! Crazy! Anyways, she's getting a little better at letting Justin feel her move so that makes us happy. : )

Today is Justin's last baseball game of the season and at the moment we're not sure he'll be playing. It's supposed to start in a couple hours, but since about noon, it's been snowing on and off here. Woop-de-doo... We're freezing! Wherever we move in a couple months better be warm! This picture is of Justin dressed for his baseball game just in case they decide to play.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Getting old, Baseball and Job searching

Justin is in the full swing of the semester now and is doing well so far in all his classes. He gets to golf a lot because he's in a golf class. He really enjoys having that excuse to golf all the time :) Since his birthday last week he says he really feels like an old man (25 hit him hard). In addition to golfing a lot, he's also on a competitive baseball team on campus. They've played four games so far and he's got a pretty achy elbow. Good thing it's his last semester and pretty much the end of competitive sports for him.

He's also been searching a lot for jobs for after graduation. (woohoo!) He's applied to a lot of positions with local sports teams and university athletic departments in New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and Utah. If anyone knows people in high places in sports management positions, please please please let us know. Or even just a friend of a friend who knows someone who works with 'such and such' team. We're planning on moving at the end of the semester, we just don't have anywhere to go yet.

Anyways, an update on Carrie. We're both doing great and she moves allll day long now. It only occasionally drives me crazy so far. Mostly I still enjoy it :) It's starting to be a little uncomfortable sleeping already (I've still got 4 months left!! This could be interesting) I'm sure I'm making Justin a little uncomfortable too just because of the amount of pillows I use getting situated.

Justin was able to feel her kick with his hand on my belly for the first time almost a week ago, so that was very exciting! She's been pretty stubborn though since, stopping as soon as he tries to feel for her. I guess that's pretty normal though. Well, that's all from here for now :)