Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hyper Baby Girl and Freeeezing Weather!

We (Rebecca and Carrie) had a doctor's appointment a couple days ago at exactly 24 weeks. She measured a week ahead however, so maybe, possibly, (probably not) that means I won't go over my due date. We've still got 16 weeks to go, a lot can change.

Out of random curiosity yesterday I kept a tally of each time I felt her move. By dinnertime I had felt her over 50 times! I never realized it was that much! Crazy! Anyways, she's getting a little better at letting Justin feel her move so that makes us happy. : )

Today is Justin's last baseball game of the season and at the moment we're not sure he'll be playing. It's supposed to start in a couple hours, but since about noon, it's been snowing on and off here. Woop-de-doo... We're freezing! Wherever we move in a couple months better be warm! This picture is of Justin dressed for his baseball game just in case they decide to play.


Heather said...

Its exciting when you can feel them move!! Every once in awhile I have a kick though that stops me in my tracks because its so hard! Are you guys waiting to move till after the babys born or before?

Coleen said...

Justin, you look very warm in your baseball clothes. Hope you are enjoying playing. I know you have always loved baseball. Good luck with the job search and all your classes.

Alysha Smith said...

Makes me cold just looking at you Justin! Goodluck with the job hunt, hope it brings you to NM!

Jenna and Dillon said...

You're looking so cute! I wish I could see all my pregnant friends in person. I didn't know Justin was 25; so is Dillon. Aren't you having a birthday soon? Or did I miss it???

I'm glad you can look at my blog again! Go read my note "10 Things..." on my Facebook page. Your pillow comment reminded me of it. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.