Monday, August 12, 2013

Goodbye Walker, Hello Walker

As a memory of sorts, here's a picture tour of our first house.

Our first house: on Walker Way, Maricopa, AZ
April 2010-July 2013

Family Room



Master Bedroom


 Carrie's Room

Kids Bathroom

Brigette's Room

 Laundry Room (upstairs!)

 Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom

Guest Bedroom/Sewing Room

Downstairs Bathroom

Living Room

 Living Room view from upstairs



As for what we've been up to since we moved... Lots of work unpacking, and lots of fun with the girls as usual!

Carrie and I got to go play with our friends at the Sea Life Aquarium and then play on the carousel afterwards!

The girls are loving having the big park so close to home!

Brigette is especially enjoying the swings!

And her latest trick... WALKING!!! Pretty much when we moved out of our house on Walker Way, she decided to start walking! Go figure! ;) She's stinking adorable at it of course! Especially since she's so tiny!

Of course, I swear I had more pictures of her standing and walking around on her own, but it turns out most of them are videos (duh), and those take FOREVER to load on here so I'm not going to post one. Maybe another day :)