Friday, September 12, 2008

IT'S A GIRL!!! Everyone say "Hello" to Carrie Elizabeth!

Our ultrasound was this morning and we are excited to announce, we're going to have a little girl! At the very beginning of the ultrasound, she had her legs crossed and the tech was saying "Oh, I hope it'll cooperate and move. I hope we can see it eventually". A minute later the tech went back and she was definitely cooperative. We had a very clear look at how much of a girl she is - 100% :) We got a few pictures and Justin pointed out, so far, she has my ski-jump nose. She also has quite the personality. Her left hand was almost always up on her forehead. She's already a drama queen (insert dramatic-sigh-with-hand-on-forehead here). Her name is Carrie Elizabeth. Carrie comes from her Great-Grandma Carolyn, the end of Grandma Lori, and/or the first letter of Grandma Coleen. Take your pick. Elizabeth comes from her Great Grandma Liza. We are really excited to be able to call her "her" and "Carrie" and our little "Princess". Yahoo!!! She is the right size (about 10 oz. and 10-11 in. long), growing, and we're all doing great!

Her dramatic pose ( Look at her lips!)

It's a girl

Face from the front (tip your head to the left and you'll be straight on her)

Monday, September 1, 2008

New Calling and Pictures

A couple weeks ago, Justin was called as an assistant ward clerk but since last week was stake conference for us, yesterday was his first day "on the job". He got to help with tithing and other things and stay about an hour after church. We also moved into our brand new stake center just a couple blocks away instead of going on campus for church. I have an organ again for the first time in a year and a half! Yeah!

Our next post will probably be on September 12th, when we'll have some very important news... That's the day of our ultrasound! We're so excited! My belly is definitely growing and I'm finally starting to gain a little weight. Justin is gaining a little weight too and likes to compare his belly to mine. The only picture I have of his "belly" is from my phone, so it's not very good quality, but I'll post it anyways. :)