Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Snow Day!

It's been a LONG time since we've lived somewhere it snowed. In Rio Rancho it doesn't come terribly often, and it's usually melted off by early afternoon, but it happens. Last night, right after the girls went to bed a few little flurries started. I immediately ran outside and started snapping pictures just in case it didn't continue. I knew Carrie would LOVE it!

Lucky for us, it snowed for several hours and there was a good inch covering the ground when we woke up today! So naturally, the curious warm-bodied Arizonians we are, we HAD to go out after breakfast to play in it! And since Justin does a lot of his work from home, he was able to be outside with us for a while enjoying the fun!

Carrie liked to shake our little tree to make the snow fall

 Family photo-op!

 We tried to re-create our cute snow day picture from the weekend we got engaged (over 8 years ago!)

 The snow was a little difficult to roll into any kind of decent sizes for a snowman, so we built a mini one. He was maybe one foot tall :) His head is the size of my fist. Carrie loved it either way.

Brigette didn't really want to hold still long enough to get a good picture with the snowman.

A few minutes later though, she was very interested in stealing his baby carrot nose ;) And consequently making his head fall off.

So Carrie decided to smash him like a pancake!

The girls enjoyed making snow angels

 Or just rolling around in the snow when they fell down ;)

Justin tried to teach Carrie the fine art of snowball throwing. She had a little trouble compacting the snow, so it would end up mostly being snow flurries hurled in your general direction!

He has definitely got it mastered though. If you look closely at the very top of this picture, you'll see a snowball on its way toward me and my camera. About 1 second after I snapped this, that lovely little snowball caught me right in the head. ;)

We had a blast playing and being together during our little family snow day in the backyard! (Even if it cost us a few runny noses) ;)

Sunday, January 26, 2014

2014 Already?!

Sooo... time sure flies huh? Blogging has fallen to the back burner for the last long while. I'd like to promise that will change, but for now, I'll just promise to try. I'm feeling sad that I've missed out on so many cute pictures, stories, and family changes. I've got a lot to catch up on, but in the interest of actually keeping up, I'll just start with what's going on now.

Two weeks ago we moved to Rio Rancho, New Mexico! Justin started a new job as the Glass Sales Specialist for Technaglass, a windshield repair and replacement company that works with Jiffy Lube here. It's nice to have a paycheck again! We're already loving our new ward and have made a few friends. I think we're really going to like it here. :)

Carrie just turned 5 a few days ago (yes, FIVE!), and Brigette is 18 months. They're growing up so fast! They are becoming good friends and love to play together. It makes our home happy :) I was going to try to upload a few recent pictures, but my photo-stream apparently stopped working around Halloween... So, another day, I'll send myself a few from my phone (my main camera source these days), and try to fix my photo-stream so I can blog quickly whenever I get the urge. Maybe that will help me be more consistent.

I've learned something about my personality lately. I'm an "all or nothing" type of person. Because I got behind on blogging, I just completely gave up. It ventures into other parts of my life too (cleaning, visiting teaching etc), but I want to make an effort to be more "all or something"... Anything is better than nothing right?... I hope you missed me :)

Monday, August 12, 2013

Goodbye Walker, Hello Walker

As a memory of sorts, here's a picture tour of our first house.

Our first house: on Walker Way, Maricopa, AZ
April 2010-July 2013

Family Room



Master Bedroom


 Carrie's Room

Kids Bathroom

Brigette's Room

 Laundry Room (upstairs!)

 Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom

Guest Bedroom/Sewing Room

Downstairs Bathroom

Living Room

 Living Room view from upstairs



As for what we've been up to since we moved... Lots of work unpacking, and lots of fun with the girls as usual!

Carrie and I got to go play with our friends at the Sea Life Aquarium and then play on the carousel afterwards!

The girls are loving having the big park so close to home!

Brigette is especially enjoying the swings!

And her latest trick... WALKING!!! Pretty much when we moved out of our house on Walker Way, she decided to start walking! Go figure! ;) She's stinking adorable at it of course! Especially since she's so tiny!

Of course, I swear I had more pictures of her standing and walking around on her own, but it turns out most of them are videos (duh), and those take FOREVER to load on here so I'm not going to post one. Maybe another day :)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Start Where You Are

There was a Conference talk this last April that mentioned "starting where you are". I think it was Elder Uchtdorf... Anyways, the point being that rather than continuing to worry about the past, just start where you are, and go forward.

So I'm starting where I am. Particularly, with regards to blogging. It's been a semi-lame thing to worry over, but I've loved this blog for so many years and done a pretty gosh-darn good job keeping it up. Both for family far away to read, and for a family journal. So as I got behind toward the end of last year, I felt almost guilty for it. Somehow, I could never find the time to catch up, so I just wouldn't blog at all. And then I'd be even MORE behind... And so on and so on, since last October...

So where am I?

Life is good. Since November, I've participated in three weight loss competitions among friends and lost 25 pounds. Up until a couple months ago, I was working out daily, and feeling in fantastic shape. Summer brought some laziness, but overall, I'm still doing great. I love staying home with my girlies.

Justin is awesome. I love him so much. He starts a new career in a couple of weeks doing insurance sales and I hope and pray that he'll succeed even above and beyond his goals. He takes such good care of our little family. I'm not excited for the long hours he'll be pulling, but hopefully soon we can sneak a date night in our schedules.

Carrie is 4 1/2 and will be starting Pre-K in a couple weeks. She has the biggest vocabulary I've ever seen in a four year old, and she LOVES being a little mommy to her sister. She loves to play and sing and use her imagination. She is very independent and is just plain growing up too fast!

Brigette just turned one, has two cute little teeth, and is starting to wobble-walk a bit. She's a momma's girl through and through, and 99.99% of the time, I absolutely love it! She has so much spunk and knows what she wants, when she wants it. ;) Her sweet little spirit brings so much happiness to our home.

Speaking of our home, we just sold our first house in Maricopa. For now (not quite sure exactly how long), we've moved in with my parents in Mesa. Justin and I cut our closet space in half, the girls are sharing a room for the first time, and the four of us are sharing a bathroom... But we have a roof over our heads. And we're so grateful.

Our families have been so loving and supportive as we've gone through, and continue to go through quite a decision-making roller coaster. We feel like Heavenly Father has sure been testing our willingness to be obedient. It's been rough, but I hope we're doing what we're supposed to be doing. We've put a lot of thought, prayer, fasting, and trust in Heavenly Father lately and I know it will pay off eventually.

So, where am I?... I'm right here. And I'm good.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Her Favorite Letter

Every week in preschool, Carrie's class focuses on a different letter. Last week was B, this week was C. Take a look at her in-class worksheet and tell me if you can see which is her favorite letter? ;)

The B worksheet she just scribbled all over and didn't trace the letters. The C worksheet is nicely colored and each C is traced perfectly. She LOVES the letter C, because it's "just for her". If you look closely, you can even see that she wrote the rest of her name above the big C she traced in the middle of the page. I love to see the new things she is learning in preschool! And I love practicing with her at home!

Once we got all ready this morning, I made a comment on how cute we all were, so of course Carrie said, "I'll go get the camera!"

Don't you love how even when she's this close, Carrie still wants to hold Brigee's hand?

I know these next three pictures look almost identical, but there are little differences in the faces she's making, and I love them all so much I couldn't decide which one(s) to cut out! So you get them all!! Plus, her hair is in a perfect little wave today. It's too cute!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Mommy's Little Helpers

First a little update on my sewing room disaster. It's still a disaster... I'm very slowly starting to get it all organized so I can put it back. It's amazing how much stuff can fit in that one tiny bedroom! And this doesn't include the queen sized bed and the 6'x2' sewing table! It's really making my home feel stressful. :(

 Luckily, I have some amazing super-helpers. Carrie's newest job around the house is to unload the silverware while I do the rest of the dishwasher. (And uggh, do you see all the junk on the counters? It's driving me nuts, but I feel like I can't ever catch up!)

She's still working on separating big forks from little forks, but most of the time she gets it right :)

She's very happy to help and she's very proud of herself (don't mind her orphan ponytail)

Sometimes it's a long job though and you just have to take a break to play the drums with some spoons on an upside down bowl ;)

Brigette's super-helper job tonight was holding my grocery list while we shopped. Thanks sweetie :)

And though I don't have a picture, Justin is a super-helper too, as usual. He does his own job every day and then comes home and helps me do mine. What a great catch!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Naps Make Everything Better

We played at the park with friends this morning for a very long time. Carrie had a blast climbing slides with Jake.

 So proud they made it to the top!

Carrie decided she wanted to try sliding down the ramp/stairs. I'm pretty sure it was not very comfortable ;)

She was playing happily the whole time we were there, but when it was time to go... All heck broke loose. Carrie did NOT want to leave. And she showed me by throwing a fit and running from me when I tried to go get her off the playground... I had even given her a 5 minute and 1 minute warnings that we would be leaving... It didn't matter. These kinds of things are becoming more frequent and are driving me nuts! I don't know how to get her to listen... The woe of every parent right?...

By the time we finally got to the van and she was still whining and fighting me, I quickly decided today would be a nap day. NO choice... And look at the amazing result of both girls taking a long afternoon nap: HAPPINESS!!

Luckily, these cute faces remind me that they're still so little and I can be more patient as I try to teach and help them grow and learn. :)