Sunday, February 22, 2009

First Mall Trip and More Sleeping

Yesterday was Carrie's first trip to the mall. We went to go shopping and just to have something to do for the afternoon. Since we were going to be walking around for a while, it was also her first time trying out her stroller. She slept through the whole experience, but Justin and I enojyed it anyways.

Carrie is having a lot more awake time lately, but it seems like every picture we take is when she's sleeping (which is why she isn't wearing a bow in a lot of posted pictures). She has completely slept through her last two baths, it's adorable...

Speaking of sleeping, my last post talked about her sleeping all night (8 hours) on Tuesday night. Wednesday she slept 6, Thursday 5, and Friday 4 1/2. I was starting to see a backwards pattern and decided her reverse all-nighter was a fluke... She broke the pattern last night though by sleeping from midnight to 7am!! YEAH!!

Her eyes are changing from gray to a really pretty dark blue (even though you can't tell in this picture). She's also starting to actually look at us instead of just in our direction. We can catch her line of sight and she'll follow us. :) Because I've posted so many pictures of her without a bow and while she's asleep, I thought you'd all enjoy the opposite.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Carrie slept throught the night!!!

I'll get to the sleeping through the night story in a minute, but first, a lot has happened the last two weeks. Carrie went to church for the first time on the 15th (just sacrament meeting). I've dressed her up every Sunday in a dress, but it was fun this week to actually go to church. I was getting a little Sunday cabin fever.

She's been having some trouble lately with going to sleep at night. Through most of the day, right after she eats, she falls asleep. But usually at her 10 or 11 o'clock feedings she stays wide awake afterward and is really cranky. It looks like she's uncomfortable and doesn't know what to do with so much awake time. Two nights ago she ate from about midnight to 12:45, fell asleep for about 10 minutes then woke up screaming like she hadn't been fed in hours. She took another ounce and then didn't fall back asleep. Since Justin had to work in the morning I wanted to make sure he got some sleep. I was up with her until almost 3 am because she was so cranky...

So last night I wasn't looking forward to getting any sleep. She ate around 11:30, was finished by 12 and we went to bed. She wasn't having it... She screamed like crazy for about 15 minutes (we were trying to help her get comfortable and go to sleep). I finally got up and sat in the recliner holding her. She quieted down right away and within a few minutes we were both asleep. I slept sitting up until 3:30 when I laid her in her bouncy chair and crawled into bed. I was hoping to catch another half hour of sleep before she woke up hungry, but hallelujah - she slept until 8:15!! She made some tiny noises around 6, but once she found her binky again, she went right back to sleep. It was marvelous!

Here's a few pictures of our life lately :)
She likes to grab onto the top of my shirt a lot
Chillin with Uncle Jake
"Life is good"

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Growing, Happy Girl

I can't believe Carrie is almost 2 weeks old!! Time is going by really fast. My days all blend together. I'm amazed I haven't forgotten any doctor's appointments or anything yet. Speaking of which, Carrie had a check up yesterday. She weighed 6 lbs, 10 oz which is fabulous! She's been eating great since she got started on Zantac and is still overall a pleasant baby. She's learned to like her baths in the big bathtub and will sit with her eyes wide open and her mouth in a little "o" just looking around. It takes me an extra 5 minutes to convince myself to get her out because she's so calm. :)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

All Dressed Up, No Place To Go

Carrie got to put on a dress for Sunday today (even though only Justin goes to church right now.) It's so much fun to be a girl!!