Tuesday, July 21, 2009

All Sorts of Fun Stories!

I should have written a week ago, but for some reason I never got around to it. Last Sunday it was almost time for bed and Justin was walking to the fron tof the apartment for something. He stopped in the hall, looked back at me in the bedroom and said "Don't scream, Carrie's sleeping..." then he flipped on the light in the hall. There, walking across the floor (coming from the direction of Carrie's room) was a huge nasty COCKROACH!! It was way too huge to squish so we got a tupperware container and covered it. Once we got the lid on, we left it nice and sealed in the kitchen to take to the apartment managers the next day.
Not even a full minute later, we walked into our bathroom to brush our teeth and *suprise* a SCORPION on the wall!! EW ew ew! We put that one in a tupperware, put both tupperwares in a zip-lock and had a REALLY hard time going to sleep that night. Fortunately, the bug guy was there the next day and we got our apartment sprayed. Justin tried to "bid" the pest control company he works for to the apartments, but we have yet to hear about anything. Anyways, it was really un-fun experience.
Carrie has really caught on to sitting up though. She'll play for a long time now. She hasn't quite learned how to catch herself if she really starts falling over, so we still have to be close-by. She catches her balance pretty well with wobbles :) It's so much fun to see her growing up! She is also getting pretty good at scootching. She'll lunge forward for toys or whatever else she sees. We'll be going to New Mexico in a couple days for a family reunion with Justin's family. We're all excited to see everyone!
A couple of days after we get back Justin will be going in for his hernia repair surgery. It'll be a quick morning outpatient thing and then after a few days recovery, he'll be able to go back to work! I got called in to work yesterday, which was really needed for us. We've always been blessed to have enough because we pay our tithing. :)

Here's a few cute pictures from recently
Playing the piano, just like mommy :)


Henderson Family said...

Cockroaches and scorpions. YUCK!!! Carrie is getting so big and is adorable as always!!!

Haylee said...

So when do you plan on teaching her how to play? ha ha I'm sure she'll be talented like her mommy.