Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"Count Your Many Blessings..."

It seems we've complained enough lately and things are turning around. Well, I guess we've been praying and paying tithing enough lately. Justin is all-but-officially hired as a night manager at 5 & Diner and has another interview with a marketing company in Phoenix next week. He's healing up great from his hernia surgery and is almost completely back to normal.

I've have a couple days work coming up in the next couple weeks. I also finished all the paperwork to work for another temp agency as an RN. The one I've been working for is day-time doctors offices, and this new job is hospital work. I told them I would prefer nights and Postpartum/NICU. Now that emelentary school has started here, my go-to babysitter (my mom) is busy teaching. Fortunately, most of Justin's work will be in the evening and night so we should pretty much always have someone to watch Carrie.
Speaking of Carrie, I decided to pass-up rice cereal for now since she wasn't really taking a liking to it. We started sweet potatoes last week. She couldn't get enough of them! Her first try, she ate the whole jar and wanted more! I was so excited! The next day, I tried mixing some rice cereal with the sweet potatoes and she totally ate it. After a few days we moved on to carrots which she also happens to love! I feel very lucky. We broke out the high chair and every day we're feeling more and more like our baby is becoming a mini-girl.
You can't tell from this picture, but she really does like sweet potatoes :)
She still hasn't quite figured out the coordination of crawling on her hands and knees, but she army scootches and pushes herself backward pretty well. Somehow, (though without crawling) she manages to move herself ALL over the room. Look away for 5 seconds and she's on the other side of the room, faced the other direction. Yesterday I found her with a Wii-mote in her mouth. I guess I need to crawl around my own house and figure out what she can get to. She loves attention and is starting to babble a lot. It's so much fun to see her figure things out! Overall, life is good.
She "crawled" herself into a corner in the kitchen and got stuck... I thought it was funny


Henderson Family said...

She certainly is growing up!!! I'm so glad things are starting to come together for you and that the Lord is watching out for you. Take care.

Alysha Smith said...

She is SO adorable! What is the 5&Diner, is that a restaurant? Always acknowledge the blessings and you will get more!