Friday, April 18, 2008

NIght Shifts and Umping

Well we made it through my first week of night shifts and Justin's first couple weeks of umping baseball and softball. We're both really really tired. What do you expect? It's been fun watching Justin practice in front of the mirror. I get a little worried sometimes that he'll scare the neighbors shouting "STRRIIKE THRREEE!!" or "OOOUUT!!", (except you really can't understand the words, it's all just big, loud, scary mumbles... I guess it's supposed to be that way). It's much better to see a game in action, which I've already had the chance to do on my day off.

Anyways, summer semester starts for Justin on Monday where he'll be working hard on his marketing emphasis. Cross your fingers for him in his International Economics class! : s


mae said...

Cute blog! It's fun to catch up on your life. :)
Emily Woods

Alysha Smith said...

Fingers crossed!

Coleen said...

Of course our fingers are crossed for Justin to do well, prayers are also included at no extra cost!!
Love you both, your picture is great.
Have fun and a belated Happy 2nd Anniversary May 2

Alysha Smith said...

OH MY GOSH I totally forgot your anniversary! SORRY! Happy Belated!
Love you guys!

Henderson Family said...

Don't worry we haven't heard him practicing yet:)