Monday, April 7, 2008

Our first post

OK, everyone who's been bugging us about starting our blog, here it is. The snow up here is finally starting to melt (now I just jinxed it) and it's getting into the high 40's pretty much everyday. It's still too cold for me though. I'm excited to be moving (hopefully somewhere warm) in December.

That's right, I said December! Justin is going to school year round to finish classes in just 8 more months. After that, all that's left is his internship which, as perviously mentioned, is hopefully somewhere warm. We are really hoping for Albuquerque, so cross your fingers for us.

I'm still the "sugar mama" of the family, working hard at the hospital in the NICU. I start orienting night shifts next week and I'm not terribly excited about it. Oh well, I'll get used to the nocturnal life.

Another exciting thing that's new for us... Justin will start officiating high school softball and baseball this week! He's done basketball for years and now he's jumping into the world of Umping. His first game is Varsity Softball in Idaho Falls.

Wow, when I started typing, I thought I would have nothing to say. Guess I proved myself wrong!


Alysha Smith said...

How exciting! OOOOO I really hope you guys get to come to Albuquerque I would love that!

Coleen said...

Well done guys! Your picture looks great. Enjoy these next few months, before you know it you will graduate and this part of your life will be behind you and a whole new world will open up for you. Exciting times for both of you!!! Love you guys

Jenna and Co. said...

Glad you're blogging! Sounds like you guys are busy but having fun. We are also moving in December, back to AZ. I'm in the same situation as your husband; I'll be done with classes then, but still have an internship. I am hoping to get one in Phoenix.

Elise said...

Yay for blogs!! I'm excited I get to keep up with your life more than I am now (how lame is it that we need them?). It's good to hear from you!