Saturday, January 31, 2009

Carrie's 1st bath

So Carrie's umbilical cord fell off, so Rebecca was way excited to give her her first "real" bath. Here is video from it. After she was done, Carrie was so content she peed all over Rebecca. It was priceless. Of course she didn't seem too happy with the bath at the time.



Coleen said...

Carrie, it's ok, you will come to love your baths and won't want to get out of the tub. How cute are you!!!!!!! Another milestone with her umbilical cord falling off. Now it is much easier to change diapers and bath her. Love the updates....Nana

Liana said...

Can't believe her cord fell off already! It took a month for Ethan's to finally come off, drove me nuts. Yay for bath time! Hehe, hope you guys are getting at least a little sleep at night. The first few months are the hardest I think, but it gets better and they learn to laugh, play and crawl and become SOOOO FUN!!! Glad she's eating better and that the zantac is helping.


Zantac and Zrii both!! The nurse who cut the cord, after Justin did of course, did a great job. We actually gave her a bath in the tub today and she loved it! She just needed to get all the way under water.

Jenna said...

"She has a problem with being naked."

Guess that's a good thing in most cases! LOL.