Friday, July 16, 2010

Dizzy Dancing Queen

On Sunday evening while Justin was out Home Teaching, Carrie and I busted out a Freddie Prinze Jr. Chick Flick. When the credits started, Carrie immediately started dancing to the song like crazy. I really wanted to record it, but I didn't want to startle her or jinx it by getting up to get the camera. So I settled for just watching it and enjoying her. As soon as the song/credits ended, she started to whimper and ask "Gin?, Gin?" So I rewound it and jumped up to get the camera. Sorry the video is a little dark, but it's still fun to watch. And in case you can't see, she's wearing her usual accessories, sunglasses and bracelets.
AGGGHHH!!! Nevermind! I've spent a day and a half trying to upload this video and it's NOT working. I'm sorry....
Anyways, speaking of bracelets, Carrie got a package in the mail a few days ago from Justin's mom, "Nana". It had a beautiful turquoise bracelet and sparkly pink shoes in it. She loves them both!
A few days ago around dinner time (actually, dinner was in the oven), Carrie was apparently just too hungry and couldn't wait. She went to the pantry and got out some cheesy-pasta-mix things, opened a cupboard (yes, the ones with babylocks), pulled out a bowl and tried to pour the package into it to "make dinner". Luckily for me, she doesn't know how to open the packages... That could have been a powdered cheese disaster! I love how much she imitates. :)
Wednesday morning, I had an OB appointment for my regular 14 week checkup. As I was telling Justin about it later I said, "Man, this kid is STUBBORN! It took the MA a full minute to find the heartbeat!" (Remember last time I said they found it right away, but only for a second before the baby moved and we had to "find" it again?)
Anyways, I told him, "Either this baby is a stubborn boy, because its personality is opposite of Carrie's, or it's a girl and it knows it's going to be the little sister and already has second child syndrome". Justin was thoughtful and much nicer about it. His theory, "It's not stubborn, it's just shy..." :)
I guess we'll find out soon either way whether it's stubborn or shy or both, because my ultrasound is scheduled for August 11th! We're so excited! Especially to see a real "picture" of the baby since my first ultrasound was so early that the baby literally looked like a dot. It's crazy, but somehow time is going by pretty quickly!


Brittney said...

They couldn't find Belinda's heartbeat very easily inside of me either. It was because she was soooo far back in my uterus. I also had really bad back pain due to her being so far back. Let me know if you find that to be true as well. Hopefully not!!!

Jessica Rodgers said...

I am excited for you guys I cant wait to find out what your having!

Coleen said...

She is so cute and so smart, if she can figure out opening baby locks, watch out, she'll figure our opening packages and doing some of her own "cooking". That is too funny.
Have a great vacation! I know Justin is missing you guys already. Be safe and do take lots of pictures to share later.
Love you!