Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Well, we've reached the stage where the baby is the size of a fig (about 2"), hence the post title "figgy" (Remember the good ol' days Will?) I have another doctors appointment in a couple weeks and will write after that too. I've been getting pestered for being such a slack blog keeper-upper, so here's an update!

I don't really feel sick most of the time because Unisom is the best thing in the world! Mostly I just feel really really tired... all day long. A few nights ago I fell into bed and told the baby "I hope you're growing big and strong cuz you're draining me right now!" Justin thought it was funny. (Just what I said, not the fact that I feel like a zombie)

As mentioned in a previous post, Justin reads up on my pregnancy e-mails and takes his "dad" jobs very seriously. A few days ago, he pulled a hot dog out of the fridge for lunch. I said "Oh that looks good" and he was very stern about saying "No, your pregnancy books say you're not supposed to eat stuff like this, it's not good for you". I thought I was going to have to tackle him for it. Fortunately, his stern-ness was apparently all for show and after a couple minutes he gave in and said "Fine... you can have one, I already got one out for you anyways". And then today, he parked in the last space in the grocery store parking lot and said "Walking is good exercise, it's good for the baby", so we got to walk the length of the parking lot in the heat.

I'm glad he's taking such good care of me (us). He's going to be a great dad. I just hope it doesn't eventually get to the point where I do have to tackle him for food. : )

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