Monday, July 28, 2008

Bored in Rexburg and Internship (for real)

This past week or two since Justin's been out of school we've been a little bored around here. We went to Riot Zone (mini-golf and little carnival rides etc.), to the zoo (see the picture?) and to see "Dark Knight". It seems like we were more bored than that sounds, but anyways, onto the bigger news.

Justin has an internship for real this time! He had an interview today with the general manager of the mall in Idaho Falls, and the guy said Justin can start whenever he wants! (Actually, he had to come home and apply online first, but then he can start) Yes... he had an interview before he applied. The internship is in general business management so he'll be able to get experience in all areas instead of only marketing like the other opportunity we had been hoping for. Hopefully, this one will be good for us all around. We're very excited!

Everything else is going great with the baby and us around here!


Alysha Smith said...

Yea, CONGRATULATIONS! I hope your Internship goes great! Im excited for you Justin!
Love ya

Aubri said...

YAAAAAY!!!!!!!!! Hoorah guys! Congratulations!

Coleen said...

Congratulations! Hope you enjoy the internship, learn alot and get ready to graduate in December 2008!
Love you both (actually all 3 of you)