Friday, November 7, 2008

Growing Girl(s)

Don't worry, there is only one baby, but I went to type "growing girl" in the title and realized, duh, we're both growing, hence the plural. Anyways...

We had a doctor's appointment today and she is still measuring a week ahead. By dates I'm 28 weeks, but she measured 29 today. As far as the doctor could tell by squishing my belly around, she is straight up and down, head down. Whew! That makes for a very happy mommy. (Except for when it comes to kicking my ribs) That is her new favorite activity by the way - when I slouch a little in my chair she gives me a nice jab in the ribs, her polite way of saying "Excuse me mom, but you're squishing me, could you sit up a little straighter?" I guess I'll try. :)


Coleen said...

Gosh, you look great! She is very good at hiding or she is very tiny.
Carrie will be here before you know it!!! We can't wait.

Liana said...

haha, i remember that feeling. Baby's are so demanding, aren't they? :)