Saturday, March 28, 2009

2 Month Stats & Lots of Pics

Carrie had a doctor's appointment yesterday and here are her stats:

9 lbs, 10 oz: 20th Percentile
23 inches: 75th Percentile

Everything checked out with her and both the nurse and the doctor commented on how alert she is :) She got three shots and wasn't too happy with them (obviously). She cried for about a minute, then once she calmed down, she fell asleep in the car on the way home. We kept some tylenol in her for the rest of the day, but she still had a rough afternoon. She seems to be much happier today so far ;)

I love how thoughtful she looks in this one. She's looking out the window and it makes me wonder what's behind me that's so interesting.

We caught a smile on camera!!
"Hmmmm.... what am I supposed to do with this?" -Her first experience with 'dangly' toys, she pretty much just stared at them

Check out the pink camoflauge bandaids from her shots

This is what sleeping through the night will do to your hair... "Mom, could you help me please?"

I was going to take an "after" picture of her hair, but she started smiling (well, smirking/smiling) while I was in the middle of doing it so I snapped this. I know her hair looks funny, I comb it up like that with a little gel first and then put the ponytail in it.
Now for news with Justin and me. He's heard back from a couple possible job opportunities that are still in the small "maybe" stages, but we're getting somewhere (slowly). I had an interview/orientation yesterday with a pediatric home health staffing agency. I still have to get my nursing license transferred from Idaho to Arizona and get fingerprinted before I can actually start, but it should be great. I tell them my ideal schedule, number of hours/week etc. and get to work when I want. :)
We got to have a temple date-night last night and then eat dinner at a friend's house. It was fun to have an evening together and get back to the Mesa Temple. We haven't been here since we got married (almost 3 years ago!!) We enjoyed remembering things about our wedding day together.


Elise said...

She is getting big! And she's so adorable. I can't wait to see her in person in a month or so. I'm glad things are working out for you both (and I liked your pseudo band album cover :).

Alysha Smith said...

Aw, she gets cuter with every picture! That job sounds perfect Rebecca, Im happy for you!!! I think Justin should get a job in Abq and then you can stay home and I will pay you to watch Savannah :)

Henderson Family said...

Wow, just think that SIZE of baby could still be inside you:) Fortunately for you, not that AGE of baby though. Glad all is going well.

Karissa said...

She is gorgeous! What a cute cute baby! Good luck with the job hunt! I'm glad you found something that will work for you!

Coleen said...

She just keeps getting cuter. She is so alert. Her eyes just engage you! Sorry about the shots Carrie. Nana feels for you! Good luck with the job searches. You are always in our thoughts and prayers.
Hope we get to see all of you soon.
Love and kisses xoxoxoxoxoxox Carrie from Nana and Papa

Billy & Stephanie said...

she is sooo sinkin cute!!! i hope we have a little girl next.... Dax had blue camo bandaids last time... she's getting so big pretty soon you'll have a 23 pound That kid weighs a ton now...i miss the little baby stage. Do you stay home with her or are you going back to work?? i had to go back to work and in know it's for my family but i feel like i miss out on so much with Dax.....

LUCKY7 said...

That last picture is so funny/cute! Imagine her coming out that size that is the exact size Brigger was at birth! I can't believe how long her hair is, what a doll.