Monday, March 23, 2009


Two months have already passed, it's crazy! Carrie is such a happy girl to have in our home. We enjoy every minute with her. --Well, except for this past Saturday when she had an awful day. We never really figured out what was wrong with her, but she must have not felt good because she was cranky and sad and crying allll day. I kind of had to make her eat, and she wouldn't fall asleep for more than a few minutes at a time. Justin was at work almost all day so it was just the girls home alone. She was clean, dry, fed, no fever... nothing, but I figured since she had been crying so much she probably had a big headache. At 5, I gave her a little tylenol and she finally fell asleep about 20 minutes later. I was afraid to move, so I sat on the couch for the next two hours until she woke up to eat. Lucky for me, my parents live 3 miles away, so I asked my mom if she could run by the store and bring me some pedialyte and my sister brought me taco bell for dinner. (Thanks guys)

Carrie had her first experience with making strawberry freezer jam last week. She was awake the whole time we were making it, just watching us in the kitchen (me and my mom), but she fell asleep before we took the picture.

On Sunday, while I was getting ready for church, Carrie wanted to eat, so in order to not be late, I did a little multi-tasking. In case you can't see from the picture, I'm holding Carrie, holding her bottle with my chin while I'm putting on mascara...

We are still working on finding a full-time job for Justin (Hockey season is almost over) and at least a part-time job for me. Does anyone have contacts in the sports business world? Or any other management positions?


Henderson Family said...

Happy 2 months!!! Sounds like you both are awesome parents. Way to multi-task Rebecca.

Alysha Smith said...

I love how her legs are crossed as she is eating!

Coleen said...

Wow, that is talent. She actually looks very comfortable. Good job with the strawberry freezer jam too, good girl Carrie for being good while they got the jam done!
All that work wore her out!