Thursday, November 26, 2009

Counting Our Many Blessings


We have SOOO much to be thankful for. But, in order to try to avoid a really lengthy post, I'll try to narrow the list down to our top ten (in no particular order).

1. Our family is sealed for Eternity (FOR-EV-ER)
2. The Gospel (where, oh where would we be without it?)
3. Justin (aka Daddy, Husband)
4. Rebecca (aka Mommy, Wife)
5. Carrie (aka Daughter, Center of the Universe)
6. Jobs/Income (Finally)
7. Warm apartment (or cool, when summer calls for it)
8. Loving Families (who took care of us before we had jobs)
9. Food, Clothes, Furniture etc. (the "stuff" of life)
10. The Atonement (This one's a gimme)

Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was fantastic! If you haven't counted your blessings yet today, go do it now!!

P.S. Pictures and Video from today coming soon :)

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