Sunday, November 1, 2009


Well we sure had a fun and festive last couple of days celebrating Halloween. Friday the 30th we celebrated my birthday! The big 2-2... OK, so there's nothing special about turning 22, but I had a good birthday anyways. Carrie and I got dressed up in our costumes and visited my mom in her 6th grade classroom. Everyone, of course, thought she was adorable. :) Later that night we went to our ward Halloween party. We ate chili and rolls and hung out with some friends. They had a few things for primary-age kids like a cakewalk and face painting. Nothing much that babies can really enjoy, but we still had fun showing off our cute little butterfly. My parents came over after our ward party and brought us Nelisen's Concretes (ice cream) and played cards for my birthday. (Thanks for letting me win daddy)
Saturday, (Halloween) we "babysat" our friends the Beesons in the afternoon and evening. Their parents and their 17 year old went, along with my parents and brothers, to Eastern Arizona College for a full day of tours and free tickets to the homecoming game. We got a smidgen of a taste of what it might be like to have 6 kids. Their kids that were left at home are 13, 11, 8, 8, & 8 (and then Carrie). We played card games, ordered pizza, and then got all dressed up again to go trick-or-treating!! Carrie first experience with it... I think she got bored pretty quick, but she wasn't complaining so we actually stayed out pretty long. We were out from about 6:15-8:15.
Considering Carrie is usually in bed around 7:30, she did great. She did have a treat bucket, but we only collected about 5 pieces for her (us). It was a new experience being the mom for a trick-or-treating trek. Trying to keep track of all your kids and making sure they say thank-you etc... It was fun to go though. It's probably been 7-8 years since I really went trick-or-treating. When we got home and put Carrie to bed, we made popcorn and watched "Hocus Pocus", my pick. That is my favorite Halloween movie. Only half the kids stayed awake through the whole movie. I guess walking the neighborhood really wore them out.
It was tons of fun and we got TONS of pictures. In case you can't tell from the pictures, Carrie is a butterfly princess, I am a ladybug, and Justin is a spider. (I may have to make Justin put his costume on one more time so I can get a good picture of it.) If any of you are familiar with Carrie, you know that she is not a cuddler. At all. So the picture of her laying her head on my chest proves that she was really really tired (it was towards the end of our trip). If you see people you don't know in the pictures, they are some friends we walked around with. I hope you enjoy the pictures. (Oh, and I tried to get a picture of my new hair... it's not the greatest picture, but I do LOVE my haircut!)


Henderson Family said...

Way cute costumes and I like the haircut!!!

Coleen said...

Too cute. Everyone looks great. Good job Rebecca with the costumes. I like your new haircut too! Love to everyone - Nana-

Isac and Jen Simpson said...

Rebecca! Looks like you guys had a fun Halloween :)

Alysha Smith said...

Oh my gosh, she looks ADORABLE! She is so cute!! I miss her!
Cute haircut Rebecca!