Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Swimming + Lunch = Nap Time

Carrie and I had the chance to go to a community "splash pad" today with some girls in the ward. It was really fun. I think Carrie would have enjoyed it a little more if she were older. Maybe we'll get to go a few more times and she'll get used to it. Today, she started to cry if she ever got under a water splash. Oh well, we had fun sitting in the shade at the picnic tables and eating lunch. (The only picture -on my phone- I could get of her Little Mermaid swimming suit)
Apparently we got enough sun to get a little burned even though we had SPF 50 on... We are as white as white can get. Poor girl doesn't stand a chance, it's pink skin all around our family. We came home, slathered on some aloe vera gel and both took a nap for almost 3 hours. The sun really sucks it out of you!
We're excited to have Justin's parents coming to visit us and see the new house this weekend! I'm a little stressed about making sure the house is clean, because I feel like things get messed up 5 minutes after I clean them! Oh well. I really shouldn't complain about a few dishes in the sink or a few toys in the family room. We really do have a very clean house. I don't know how some people live the way they do, in all their yucky filth. It drives me crazy!
Anyways, while I was on the computer earlier, Justin yelled out to me from the family room, "Rebecca, camera!" I ran into the family room to see Carrie lounging on Justin's lap letting him read her a few books. It was awesome. Especially considering she isn't a big cuddler, or even lap-sitter. She is an independent little diva, and she reminds us if we ever forget!
She is doing great, however, at learning how to let us know what she needs/wants. Just in the last couple of days, she's learned the sign for more, even though she's also learned how to say it. The other day she went to the pantry door started to whine. I got down to her level and asked her, "Carrie, what do you want?" Immediately she put her hand/fingers to her mouth and tapped it. I'm not sure if that's a real sign, but it is now in our house. It means "snack, food, hungry etc." And she's great at using it! It has been a real fit-saver.
It seems like she learns more everyday and is becoming more of a big girl!


Stephanie said...

OH how I wish I could be in a swim suit!!! i HATE Utah weather---that's it--we are moving in AZ--- (in my dreams)

Brittney said...

So fun!!! It's fun when they start to sign and communicate the things they want. Enjoy the sun!!!

Sierra said...

So excited to come see you and the house and CARRIE!!! Yea.

The High Family- said...

Such a cute little girl! Btw, it snowed today in Idaho. Could you send some warm weather our way. Pretty please.

Laura Cook said...

That's a smart little girl! Fingers to your mouth really is the sign for 'food' or 'eat' ... :D ... ps i'm slightly jealous of the warm weather you keep talking about, but its supposed to start warming up here again tomorrow so i won't complain too much... hehe.