Thursday, May 27, 2010

I Want a Morning Redo... And it's only 9:00...

I opened a huge can of worms this morning when I opened a strawberry yogurt. OK, not literally, because that's really gross, but you'll get the point here in just a minute. I'm a slight neat-freak and I usually just spoon feed Carrie the really tricky stuff like yogurt. This morning I decided to just let her have at it with the spoon on her own... Not my best idea. I think she got a total of two bites actually in her mouth and the rest ended up all over her and her highchair. This picture doesn't show it half as bad as it eventually got.
(And it would be so much easier to be mad about it if she hadn't recently learned how to smile for the camera)
I decided she was probably due for a bath anyways so I hauled her upstairs to the bathroom (getting yogurt on my pajamas in the process). I gave her a quick scrub down and settled in on the bathroom floor next to the tub while she played. I had already grabbed "Breaking Dawn" which I'm reading for the umpteenth time. The morning seemed like it was getting better. She probably played with her bath toys for half an hour before it suddenly became a little too quiet, and then, a little grunt...
SERIOUSLY?! I looked up to see none other than Carrie going #2 in the tub... Time to get out! Fortunately she didn't fight me when I quickly pulled her out of the tub and wrapped her in the towel. While I was trying to decide how to deal with the newest mess of the day, Carrie stood up, ditched the towel, and started to pee all over the bathroom floor.... :(
Now I have to give her legs and feet another wipe down, try to clean the floor so she doesn't step in it and strap a diaper on as fast as possible! Once I got the whole mess figured out and cleaned up, I walk us both downstairs ready to crash on the couch to wallow while Carrie plays.
Except, oh wait! The high chair is still COVERED in yogurt! My entire morning could repeat itself all over again if that didn't get cleaned right now. And of course it wouldn't be just as easy as a quick wipe up. Nope, it had dried on and I had to scrub to get it clean.
By this time I'm fuming inside already writing my blog post in my head. Fortunately for Carrie, I'm oddly calm on the outside. Patience has been my dear friend this morning. I love being a mom. (Truly, I do. That's not sarcastic, as hard as it may be to believe after having read this) :)
I. Spoke. Too. Soon.
While I was sitting at the computer blogging the above story, Carrie was busy at work filling her diaper. To the point of overflowing up her back... Really?.... Another wipe down, new diaper, new clothes... I need a nap...


Jacob & Clarissa said...

I'm sorry. Days like that are really hard. Hopefully it will get better and even if it doesn't, tomorrow will be better for sure! Good luck!

Coleen said...

Wow, that is quite a morning, believe it or not, I do remember those days and they are hard and very frustrating, but you're right, she has an adorable smile and she didn't do it on purpose....
Have a great Memorial Day weekend.
Love you all

Amber said...

I have to tell you that made me laugh out loud! Isn't motherhood so glamorous!

Jenna said...

There is no shortage of those days around here!

If it had been me, I would have added to the mess by vomiting everywhere. I have the worst morning sickness when I'm pregnant.

The High Family- said...

Girl, you are officially a mom. Only moms get to experience such fun! Congrats on the pregnancy. Take care of yourself.

Moss Family said...

It's I was laughing out loud. I am sorry about your morning, I am only laughing becuase mornings like that you can either cry or laugh. I am sorry, hopefully the day got better =)

Corynn said...

Oh NO! We have still avoided the whole poop in the bath tub thing, thank goodness. If it ever happens though, I'll know who to call. :)

Give the feeding herself thing some time. It took Jake a while to learn and he is still not even close to perfect. Heck, neither am I!