Friday, August 27, 2010

All About Carrie!

As promised, a post about our darling little Carrie. Such the diva with her little sunglasses. She's gotten pretty good at putting them on all by herself and will often walk around the house playing while wearing sunglasses. She calls them "gasses". She especially likes to put them on top of her head like mommy and daddy.
Again, a picture of her trying to be just like mommy. We were headed out the door and she reached up asking for my water bottle. I thought she just wanted a quick sip so I handed it to her. She surprised me by slinging it over her arm and onto her shoulder where I had had it. She then motioned for my purse which she put on her other shoulder. She was finally ready to walk out the door. Of course, she was too dang cute, so I grabbed the camera. In this picture she's reaching toward me to hold that too!
She's reached the age finally where she's starting to copy every single little thing we say... For example, last night I said "Oh, dangit"... A few seconds later we hear a little high pitched "Oh, dagit".... I started to silently laugh (and say to myself, "aw man, now I have to watch everything I say"). My back was turned to Carrie and apparently she thought my silent laughing was crying. She came over and started to pat my back to make me feel better.... She's. So. Cute.
Speaking of cute, here's a little video of Carrie swimming in one of the neighborhood pools. She's so lightweight, her floaties actually totally support her and she can kick around.

Tah-dah! Carrie's big girl room is all ready to go! (Whenever we decide to move her.) I'm so excited that it turned out so cute. I started slowly decorating this room a couple of months ago. Most of it has been done in about the last week though. The big shelf moved in there too (it's not in the pictures) and all it needs is to be stocked up with a few stuffed animals from the toy corner downstairs. I love everything about this room :)
Since I posted some pictures of her new big-girl room, I thought I'd post a few of the "transformation" of her baby room that has now become Brigham's room. I feel so crafty and proud just looking at these pictures (brag brag brag, I know) :)
Soooo, these first three pictures........
...have transformed into the last three pictures.

And as long as I'm putting pics of Brigham's room in, I'll throw in a little tidbit about him. I had the appointment with the fetal cardiologist yesterday and.... drumroll... Hallelujah! Brigham's heart is PERFECT! The cardiologist says we shouldn't have to see him at all anymore during this pregnancy. Yeah for some good news!!!


Brittney said...

SOOOOOO crafty!!! I love it.

Elise said...

Isn't a blog's purpose that of bragging? I love the rooms! I really like Carrie's pink and yellow one--are those paintings on the wall above her bed? And congrats on Brigham's heart! That's got to feel really good to hear. :)

The Chipmans said...

Rebecca! I found a link to your family blog on Jessica's blog so I hope you don't mind if I blog stalk you. The picture of Carrie at the top is beautiful and their rooms are a lot of fun too! I'm so glad for your good news.

Isac and Jen Simpson said...

cute post!! loved all the cute pics of Carrie :) Looks like you guys are doing awesome!

Aubri said...

Oh thank Heaven! We've been keeping you all and Baby Brigham in our prayers. So good to hear that his heart is doing well!

And the rooms are super cute!! :-)

Coleen said...

Such talent. You are doing a good job with both rooms. It is so much fun to create the look you want and have it turn out the way you hope.
Good Job!
Love all the updates.

Jenelle said...

So Cute! I wish we could paint our walls, especially in the baby room! We are keeping all of you in our prayers!