Thursday, August 5, 2010

Baby Bump and Big Girl Booster

Just a couple quick pictures. First, I'll finally admit I'm showing... I'm 17 weeks and have a tiny bump. Technically I can still "suck it in", but it's getting harder every day. (I relaxed a little bit to take this picture)
Second, while we were on vacation, we bought Carrie a booster seat. It was so great to use while we were camping, when we got home we set it up at the table and put the high chair away. For the last few days she's been a real "big girl" sitting with us at the table. She loves it! And we think she looks adorable!


Brittney said...

You barely are showing for 17wks. You look so good. Booster chairs are the best. I'll never use a highchair again.

Coleen said...

Oh my gosh, she looks so big and so cute. You look great!