Friday, August 13, 2010


Carrie has turned into a doll lover the past few days. She has three little baby dolls that she's been carrying around and repeatedly putting them down for "night-night" time. She arranges them on the couch and gets the blanket to tuck them in. I love it!
I was in a crafty mood this morning and decided to make Carrie a little purse. Apparently I rock because it turned out AWESOME! We're going to have to share it :)
Also, a quick non-update on Brigham: I have an appointment scheduled with the perinatologist (baby specialist) for this coming Tuesday afternoon. We'll hopefully be able to find out a lot more specifics about his case. I am in desperate need of more information so I can feel more prepared. Right now I'm a little wacko. I have to try to not think about it. He is still moving like a little wild man though! This morning I told Justin I thought he was practicing karate or something!


Amber said...

Carrie is so cute. I love the new B&W pic of her. I wish we all lived closer so the girls could play.

Jacob & Clarissa said...

That purse is definitely adorable and we definitely do need to have a play date! The girls would have fun and I haven't seen you in forever.

I know that saying this doesn't help, but try not to stress about Brigham. It sounds like you are well on your way to being informed and for now that's all you can do!

Brittney said...

That is a way cute purse!!

The Gatherers said...

perinatologists are amazing! They really know their stuff, you will love how in depth they go. Hopefully that will help ease some of your worries, but it's ok to worry, you have every right to do so. Also you are amazing, I definately could not just whip up a cute little purse like that, I am envious!

Coleen said...

The purse is adorable. You should enter that photo of Carrie. It is amazing!!!!! I love that she plays with dolls, it seems like a past time play that has been forgotten.
She is a sweetheart!
Love Nana