Friday, September 10, 2010

New Mexico Trip

Last weekend we went to Justin's parents' house in New Mexico to spend the long Labor Day weekend with them. We left Friday after Justin got home from work and pulled into his parents' house around 11:30pm. Carrie did pretty good for such a long drive, but it's a little sad... She's figured out to ask "Up?" and tug at her carseat straps when she wants to get out. I feel bad because she's asking so politely, but I still have to say no.

Saturday morning we got right back in the car and drove another two hours to Albuquerque for a little field trip day with two of Carrie's cousins. We met up with his sister Alysha, her daughter Savannah, his sister Danielle and her son Logan. After yummy pizza lunch we headed for the aquarium!

Savannah, Logan, and Carrie patiently waiting for food

Savannah checking out Carrie's shades

Oooooo, fishies! (Ok, I know you can't see any fish in this picture, but they're in there, I promise)

Papa Earl, Savannah, Carrie and Justin trying to touch the fish

Of course, our aquarium trek was right during naptime.

Three cute kids sharing the wagon!

On Sunday, after church, we went to Hatch, New Mexico; home of the world famous Hatch Chiles to go to the annual Chile Festival! It was hot and dusty but we had a lot of fun listening to the music, watching some lasso twirlers, wandering clothing and jewelry booths and most of all, eating yummy authentic gorditas, lemonade and funnel cakes!

One of the many many many roadside stands/shops selling fresh chiles. One place had chiles all over the rooftop so they could be "sun-dried". It looked so cool! By the time I got the camera out, we had passed it though.... So you get this boring picture. (See all the chiles hanging from the roof edge?)

Back at Justin's parents' house, Carrie discovered the joys of a landscaped backyard. She liked running around on the grass with Logan, but she usually ended up right here. On the side yard, playing in the rocks.

Of course after a long day of playing in the dust, the grass and the rocks, the kids were pretty dirty! Bath time!
On Monday morning, Justin and his Dad went to play golf while the girls went outlet store shopping! By the time the boys got back it was time for quick lunch and naptime for Carrie. We put her down to sleep and then.... LEFT!

Justin and I went home, back to AZ while Carrie spent a fun-filled week with her Nana, Papa and Gigi (Justin's grandma). It was SOOOO weird to leave her there, but even weirder not to have her at home for 5 days!

A random fun note to finish this post: Not long after we left Justin's parents, I really needed to go to the bathroom. So we stopped. In Nutt, NM. At a roadside BAR.... Strange experience. At least it was daytime so the bar wasn't in full-swing, but still... :)

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Heather F said...

I LOVE the Albuquerque Aquarium and Zoo! I always try to get Alan to go when we're down there (we live 2.5 north of Albuquerque). Its great that you got to spend some time with family and I'm sure it was alot easier getting your projects done at home while Carrie stayed with her grandparents.