Monday, September 13, 2010

Wedding Weekend!

Saturday morning, we drove halfway to Justin's parents' house to meet his mom to pick up Carrie! It was so great to have her back with us! She apparently had a ton of fun in New Mexico and didn't seem to miss us at all! We had to hurry back to Mesa though to get ready for....


Alex is my little sister Marissa's best friend and Mike is Marissa's fiance, Brandon's best friend. I was a bridesmaid and Carrie was a flower girl. I went a little early to help everyone get ready (hair, makeup etc.) and to get myself ready. The bride's room was a huge mess, but it was really fun! Justin came later with Carrie and dropped her off to get her hair done too. I didn't catch a really good picture, but just imagine Carrie with hair-sprayed ringlets all over.

The life of the party is ready to go!

Our happy, adorable little family

Carrie had a blast dancing around while everyone was still finishing dinner. She had the whole dance floor to herself!

The groom and his mom, and the bride and her Uncle.

Bad picture, but it kind of shows the other flower girl, Allie. Also, you can kind of see the back of Carrie's hair.

Getting tossed in the air by daddy while dancing Hopefully I'll get a few more pictures that the professional photographer took and post some later. We had a lot of fun and of course, everyone loved our little cutie Carrie! (Who by the way, was totally crying before walking down the aisle because Justin couldn't let her down to run around. When she came around the corner and saw me standing at the front of the aisle she started to skip/speed walk saying "Mommy, Mommy!" :) Though it was while "running" she did make it to the front of the aisle and thankfully sat quietly through the ceremony)

We also had the chance on Sunday to go back to Mesa after church (*Side note* Our ward had its Primary Program and they did a great job! We were so proud of our class, the 7-8 year olds!) Anyways, back to after church.... We had dinner with my parents and the Beesons in Mesa and then got to attend Mike's baptism!

We were so proud of him for making the decision to be baptized, especially considering his family is pretty anti-Mormon. He asked if Chris Beeson and I would play a musical number, so with me on the piano and Chris on the cello, we played "I Believe in Christ". It was beautiful. :)

We had a very very busy, tiring, but super fun filled weekend! And to think we get to repeat it all over again in a few weeks when Marissa and Brandon get married and Brandon gets baptized!!

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