Friday, September 17, 2010

Nothing New

I haven't blogged this week because I feel like there's nothing to say. Maybe once I get going, I'll prove myself wrong.

First, I know I've been slacking on belly pics. So here you go; 23 weeks

I've been an emotional roller coaster this week (for no apparent reason). Just ask Justin. About the most random things, I'll just break out into tears... It's annoying. Even to me. That's when you know it's really bad ;)

I'm starting to wonder if Carrie hasn't felt well the last couple of days. She's been extra whiny and clingy in general. For example, by the time we got back from Wal-Mart this morning at 10:00, Carrie was sooooo cranky. About 10:15 as I was trying to figure out what she wanted (snack, water, diaper, book.....) I asked if she wanted to take a nap. She whined out, "Yeeeah. Taaaake naaaap". OK, who am I to argue? We went upstairs, laid her down and I haven't heard a peep since. She hasn't taken a morning nap in months! Usually she goes down for a nap around 12:30 or 1:00, but not today! Hopefully it helps.

As for Brigham, all is well. I had a plain old regular doctor's appt on Wednesday and everything looks good. I asked the Nurse Midwife who saw me, "Why am I being seen so often (every 2 weeks) when all you're doing is taking a urine sample and checking his heartbeat? I can tell you his heart is beating, he's kicking me like a karate master!" Basically, I got the impression we'd be doing an ultrasound every single time and there would be more to my appointments than just the regular stuff.

She said, "Because we're a specialty office, we're used to high-risk stuff and in general we see our patients more often. You, are a little bit different case, because you, as the mom, aren't high risk. Even the baby, while it's still in utero isn't high risk. All the "risk" will be when the baby is born. We really don't need to be seeing you as often as we are. I'm going to have you schedule your next regular appt for 4 weeks, not 2."

Thank you, Nurse Midwife :) I do, however have a different appointment in 2 weeks anyways. This one will be at the hospital again. A few weeks ago I went there for a specialty ultrasound to measure Brigham's lung development. In two weeks, we'll be doing the same thing, but because he's grown so much in the last few weeks, this measurement will be much more applicable to a prediction of his well-being at birth.

I'm sure I'm confusing the doctors and nurses that I'm so chill right now about his diagnosis. I feel a little like I'm in limbo. The first couple of weeks were really really hard on me (and Justin) and I'm sure it will all flare back up when we consult with the surgeons and neonatologists around 32 weeks. As for now, there's nothing I can really do except make sure I'm eating healthy and feeling Brigham move, so why worry? :)


Elise said...

Way to be awesome. I'm sure those doctors are used to people who are used to controlling what goes on in their lives so when they do have a high risk pregnancy they want to control that too. Doesn't stuff like this just make you love the Gospel for all the peace of mind it brings? Yay church!

Thanks for your post on my blog--I was a little bummed about not moving to AZ (because, hello! It's amazing!) but I'm really excited to be here for many reasons, including all the fun things we can do in nature. And beaches. Because beaches are also amazing.

Much loves!

Jacob & Clarissa said...

Isn't pregnancy fun? It's an emotional roller coaster even when all is normal. I'm pretty sure that you are more than allowed to randomly cry or be cranky or whatever else. I'm impressed by how calm you seem to be about it though! (At least through your blog you are calm.)

Jessica Rodgers said...

that is great that you are not stressing cause that doesnt do any good. We will pray for you!