Friday, December 23, 2011

High School Flashback

My best friend from high school, Elise (Morrell) Crane, was smart enough to coordinate a friends reunion over Christmas break when many now out-of-staters, would be home. We had a lot of fun. Munched on veggies and cheetos, watched our kids play with each other and talked, talked, talked.

Justin was nice enough to cart around a few of the kids in a wagon. They had a blast. What a cool husband I have! In this case, more like what a cool daddy Carrie has!

Shea, Carrie, Carson, & Claire. Not all the kids, but most that were there.

Carrie and Shea are the closest in age and they used to play with each other often while Shea's mom Chelsea babysat for me during my frequent visits to the specialist during Brigham's pregnancy. They discovered the four HUGE trees in Elise's parents' front yard and had a blast throwing the fallen leaves in the air; With help from Elise's husband Joel....

Such cute little pigtail buddies

My favorite picture from the day.... I clicked it about half a second before I meant to, and caught this gem. Joel's strange mid-run position plus the still-in-a-pile leaves hanging over Carrie's head leave me laughing out loud. I love it!

Sadly as I was going through pictures to post this, I realized I didn't get ANY pictures of me and my high school buddies! How lame! At least I have memories, I guess. Next time, I'll make sure we snap a picture though!

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The Chipmans said...

So fun! And it was especially fun to see Joey (Joel) in your picts. It brings back memories for me.