Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Grinch Comes and Goes

Setting up the Christmas decorations is supposed to be fun, happy, put you in the Christmas Spirit right?.... Well it didn't work for me. I turned into a mega Grinch for a couple days while our house was in the mess that is setting up Christmas. First of all, we had to empty out the under-the-stairs closet to get to all the Christmas boxes way in the back. So the Family room was full of Christmas boxes and the Living room was full of all the other boxes from the closet. It was a mess!!

We had inherited a new taller fuller Christmas tree from my parents last year and I was so excited to get it set up, but when we pulled it out of the box, it didn't have a stand! I was antsy to get a tree up, so I decided we'd just set up our old one, it's not all the different.... Wrong again. Once I got it set up, I was so disappointed! It looked like Charlie Brown's tree! :( So because I'm crazy like that, I went to walmart, bought a new stand, set up the new tree, and transferred all the ornaments over. I decorated two trees....

Wait, make that three trees.... When I went to buy the tree stand, I saw this cute little two foot tree and thought Carrie would love having her own. And she did :)

Luckily for everyone who had to be around me, the Christmas mess-induced Grinch in me left the moment everything finally got decorated, boxes packed up and away, and the room freshly vacuumed! THIS is what Christmas spirit is supposed to feel like!!

At the beginning of the Christmas season last year, we owned one nativity scene. and the whole teeny scene fit on the palm of my hand. Over the course of gift giving and receiving last year, our nativity collection grew to add four more!

I'm feeling much more Christmasy now!

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