Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a fantastic Thanksgiving trip to New Mexico to be with Justin's family. We drove seven hours on Wednesday to get to his sister Danielle's house. We'd had a lazy morning, including Carrie eating only marshmallows picked out of her cereal bowl, thanks to Grandpa Mark ;) She didn't really eat lunch, just drank her Capri Sun... We grabbed some cheetos and gummy bears at a gas station along the way.... You'd think we should have been expecting it, but we were still surprised when about 20 minutes before we got there, Carrie suddenly started throwing up... All over the carseat....

I considered it lucky that we were so close to Danielle's house. I stripped Carrie down, wiped her off with wipes, put her jacket underneath her and a thin blanket between her and the nasty wet seatbelt straps and toughed it out until we got there. Then started a load of laundry.... Of course. Fortunately, I think it was just the sugar. It didn't happen again. Phew!

On Thanksgiving Day, Danielle was bustling around making dinner (while I sat on the couch.... what a mooch huh?) I guess it wasn't getting done quite fast enough for Carrie though. She snagged a roll off the table about half hour early ;)

The meal was delicious, the company was fantastic, and the football on TV was loud.... We had fun. So much fun, in fact, that Carrie fell asleep about 5:30 watching a movie. When I tried to pick her up so she would wake up (so she would sleep at bedtime), it didn't work.... She was still zonked out. So I enjoyed about 45 minutes of snuggly time with my non-snuggly girl. It was awesome.

I braved WalMart at 10:00 by myself to snag a few little kid board games. I was in and out in 20 minutes. And I'm soooo glad. It was crazy in there!

Friday we headed down to Justin's parents' house (about an hour from his sister's). We went out for enchilada's for his dad's birthday, and I wimped out and got bean and cheese sopapillas with my green chile on the side.... What can I say, I have a weak palate....

Saturday morning we met with a guy Justin's dad knows who refurbishes laptops. And we scored big time! We got a very nice laptop, new to us, for $450. We'd been looking to buy one soon anyways, but we saved ourselves about $300 from our original "budget". Take that Black Friday deals! :P

Then the boys went golfing and the girls went shopping at the local outlet store and played at the park. We threw probably a hundred teeny rocks (pebbles, really) into the Rio Grande. Nana had told Carrie if we went down by the river, we might see some ducks. As we started to look for them, she started yelling out, "Duckies! Duckies!!", then turned to look at me really quick and asked, "Wait a minute! Is it your ducky or my ducky?"

It was hilarious. :) And I didn't know where she had gotten it until I heard her watching Finding Nemo today. Dory and Nemo are yelling, "Dad! Dad!" when Dory stops and asks, "Wait a minute, is it your dad or my dad?".... She's always loved that movie....

Anyways, I made some delicious chocolate cake muffins with glaze (baked, not fried) and we all pigged out. Pizza and Root Beer for dinner and a couple of board games before hitting the sack.
Carrie watched movies almost the entire time on her own little personal 19" TV with built in VCR. She's started to love the movies we grew up with. Pocahontas, The Lion King, Cinderella, Aladdin.... I love it, because I already know all the songs and can quote most of the lines. It's fun to reminisce :)

The driving was long, but we had fun. It was totally worth it! We don't see Justin's family nearly as often as mine just because they live further away, so it's always good to see them when we can. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are constantly reminded of how much we have to be Thankful for. What a wonderful life we live!


Heather Farnsworth said...

Yummy green chili! That the one thing I really miss about New Mexico. Is it sad to say that when I was back in October I bough 5 bottles from the store and drove it back with me to Illinois? Just for me to have to restock when I go back in December because I'm almost all out? Yes, sad.
Glad you guys had a fun Thanksgiving weekend!

The High Family- said...

You guys were busy! Bet it was fun to see family. Carrie is getting so big. She is an adorable little girl.

Julie and John said...

Happy Birthday to Brigham. Thinking of you today.