Thursday, November 17, 2011

Too Many Funerals

Today I attended my 5th Funeral of the year. Fifth....

Our 20 day old son Brigham,
His 18 day old NICU friend, Alana Larson,
A 16 year old girl from my home ward, Kelsey Preston,
My 80 year old Grandpa Daryl Rogers,
And a 24 year old friend from High School, Spencer Webster....
Does anyone else see a sickening trend in the age of these funeral "hosts"? Four of the five were just plain too young.... I'm all funeraled out. I hope we don't have more for a loooong while. Heaven must be starting to get full. Maybe it would be a good idea to send some more spirits down to Earth.... Our family would willingly take one right now ;)


Heather Farnsworth said...

That must be really hard on you guys. Just think about all the work these wonderful people must be doing up in heaven right now.

The Gatherers said...

it's true, I've noticed the unfortunate trent this year also, makes you grateful for everyday we have on this earth.