Thursday, November 10, 2011


Our backyard grass is growing!!! Finally!!! We planted the seed on Halloween and we were starting to wonder if we'd done something wrong because it wasn't sprouting up at all.... But yesterday, Justin noticed one teeny little spot of sprouts, and then when we looked more closely, we found teeny little sprouts all over the place! I had to crawl on hands and knees around the border to find it though.

Today there are parts that look like this! Woohoo!!

Our only problem now, is the birds... I knew I should have been watching out for them since we laid the seed, but I really hadn't seen any until yesterday. Now they're everywhere! Luckily, Carrie likes to play outside and so far, her presence alone has been enough to deter them. And if it's not, she's more than happy to clap her hands and shout, "Hey birdies! Go away! Don't eat my baby grass!!" (A phrase coined by Justin while teaching her not to walk on the grass. "It's only baby grass, and we need to not step on it so it can grow big and strong." Cute huh?!)

The problem comes when she wants to come inside... The birds are watching and waiting for her to leave... So at Justin's suggestion, Carrie and I built a scarecrow this morning...

Carrie helping me build up muddy dirt support piles for the posts.

Tah-dah! Two stakes, a t-shirt, and a broom.... It's actually very wavy and mobile when the wind blows.... I hope it works....

While I was "building" the scarecrow, I asked Carrie if she could come help me hold the posts for a second. She looked at me, sighed, and said, "Mommy, I'm working on my cub scouts, I'll be there in a minute ok?"..... Think she's heard that too much lately?

And just because, a few pictures of Carrie covered in chalk. Sidewalk chalk has been her new best friend since the weather's cooled off. Fortunately it wipes off easily! ;)


The Picketts said...

I believe if you put peat moss over the seeds, the birds will less likely eat it. That's what we did when we planted. I don't remember having birds - so maybe it worked? GOOD LUCK! SO fun! :o)

Heather Farnsworth said...

I love the fun sassy things our 2 year olds say! I commonly hear "just one minute mom" as Travis holds up one finger (I guess I do that too often to him!) I hope your scarecrow keeps those birds away, how exciting to finally have grass!