Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Finally Updating

I knew it had been a little while since I posted, but I didn't think it had been two weeks! Oops! I blame it on work, which is a very good thing. I've been working 3 days a week this month and we're starting to feel a little more secure with our finances. Justin has been Mr. Mom a lot lately. He's still applying for jobs and trying to contact the interviewers etc. to make his name stand out among the many other applicants... It's slow progress, but hopefully someday soon something good will happen.

Carrie is crawling... pretty much. She does whatever is between an army crawl and a real crawl. She uses her arms and her knees/feet, but doesn't like to pick her belly off the ground. She's sure fast! Every day she gets closer to pulling herself up on furniture. She loves to stand by the coffee table the best. It is a little funny when she gets tired of standing though because she doesn't know how to get down. We have to help her sit down. She loves to walk (with help of course). We're wondering if she's just going to skip "real" crawling and go straight from army crawling to walking... We'll see.
I have yet to find a food she doesn't like yet and she is a super eater. The last couple weeks she has started eating the little fruit-flavored baby puffs. She's figured out how to pick them up with two fingers instead of a fist, so now she can feed them to herself. Yeah! She still doesn't have any teeth or any signs of them anytime soon, so for now she's gumming them.
I tried a ponytail again... You probably can't even really see it in this picture... Cute girl anyways!
She fell asleep during the last few minutes of Relief Society last week and I had to put her on the floor so I could play the piano for the closing song. Fortunately she stayed asleep through it!
Waiting to take a bath (Gotta love the leg rolls)

She's gotta get a good workout jumping like this!!

And speaking of a good workout... This may be weird to blog about, but I figure, this blog is supposed to be about our family and what is going on with us, so here's what's been going on with me lately. A couple months ago I decided I was a little frustrated with the extra baby weight that didn't go away on its own after Carrie was born. So, I started keeping a food journal and doing pushups/crunchies etc. everyday. I am proud to report that last month Justin and I reached our goal of crossing weights finally (I've always weighed more than him) and I am down to my weight from high school! My shape will never be exactly the same, a baby will do that to you, but I feel fantastic and am very proud of myself! Ok, yes, I'm bragging... but whatever... :)

That's all for now, I'll try to keep up better.


Henderson Family said...

Way to go on the workout!!! I love the cute little pony tail and Carrie looks so cute jumping like that. Glad things are going well with you guys.

Anonymous said...

Awesome blog update. Carrie is as cute as ever and just amazing. That's great that she isn't a picky eater. Sounds like she will be crawling soon and probably holding onto furniture and moving around much more.
As always you are all in our thoughts and prayers each day. Good luck with everything! Love you all. Nana

Liana said...

Hey you are totally allowed to brag! That's so awesome, way to go! Oh and can I say I loved the bathroom pic too... babies always have the cutest little bums and rolls! :)