Thursday, September 24, 2009

Justin Has a Job!! (does anyone else have deja vous?)

Justin got hired today by the University of Phoenix as an online enrollment counselor! He starts October 5th. It's full-time, salaried, and he'll qualify for health, dental and life insurance on Jan 1st! We are very excited for an answer to our constant prayers. Hopefully this job will last longer than 2 1/2 days . **See recent post titled "Just Kidding"**
Through this whole no-luck-job-searching lately, we've sure learned to appreciate each other and the traditional roles of Mom and Dad. Justin has said recently that someday when we're stable and I'm staying at home full-time that now he knows what I do all day and will appreciate what 'running the house' involves. I, in turn will very much appreciate him going to work day in and day out to bring home the bacon.
For now our plan is for me to keep working. I've been working about 3 days a week lately and it's manageable. I would much rather be home, but I make good money as an RN and the company I'm with is a temp agency so I can tell them when I can or can't work. We're working on get some of our debt reduced and are looking forward to building up savings to get a house someday. Unfortunately we won't be able to take advantage of the $8000 tax credit (there is no possibility of us even making it close to the deadline). Oh well, things are looking up anyways :)
Th point of this picture is- look at her left leg. It's sticking out of her crib between the bars. It may not be very interesting to anyone else, but I thought it was adorable.
This video shows Carrie's newest trick... Waving :) Of course, she was a little shy for the camera, and this is not the best she really does, but it's still pretty cute. She'll wave "hi" and "bye". A few days ago, she waved "bye-bye" to a lady at the grocery store. (ooohs and ahhhs galore).

P.S. JUSTIN'S BIRTHDAY WAS THIS LAST TUESDAY THE 22ND. He turned 26!!! (I didn't realize I was married to such an old man) We got to go out to dinner while my parents babysat. Nothing fancy, but it was still great! Happy belated b-day babe!!! Love you!!

I'm so glad to be able to write happy news!!


Natalie Sadler said...

I'm so glad Justin finally found a job! And I find it sweet that you mentioned being able to more appreciate the roles of "mom" and "dad." God truly made men and women different to fill different roles in families--that's my testimony!

Henderson Family said...

Yay!!! Congrats on the job. I certainly hope that everything works out long term this time. It's so nice that you have a flexible job Rebecca and that Justin will now appreciate and understand what it takes to run the house. That's one blessing that has come out of this trial for you. Carrie is so precious. I love the sleeping picture and the cute video. It's amazing how the gap between Carrie and Belinda seemed so huge just a few months ago and now the gap seems to be getting smaller. Before long a year between ages will seem like nothing.

Sierra said...

She is adorable, no doubt about it. I love how she is sleeping with her leg out of the crib, she looks very comfortable holding her favorite toy.
Love you!!!Nana

Duncan Family said...

Hey! Elli sleeps like that too! I tried to get a pic last night, but it was too dark in her room! Funny how our kids are doing the same thing.

Chelsea said...

That is awesome about Justin's job. That is the same position that Darin does, so let us know if he needs anything or has questions. It is a good solid job and the benefits are awesome. I am happy for you guys! I love the family photo on the top side of your blog, so cute. :)