Saturday, December 5, 2009

Meeting Santa!

Our ward Christmas Party was tonight and Carrie got to meet Santa for the first time! She didn't cry at all, mostly just looked up at his face trying to figure out what was going on. The past few days we've been trying to teach her how to say Santa. It usually comes out "Danta", but we're still impressed. She really only does the "S" sound when she whispers, so if we ask her to whisper "Santa", it usually comes out pretty good. :)

Another fun word she's picked up lately: "Doggy". My parents have a little poodle-mix dog named Rooster and Carrie loves to play with her. We tried to get her to say "Rooster" or even "Roo", but apparently "Doggy" is easier. I know I've said it before, but even more than ever, Carrie is a fantastic copy-cat. It's so much fun to see what we can get her to say.

For some strange reason lately, I'm in a sewing mood. So hopefully soon I'll have some projects to report on (with pictures of course).
This next picture is what I like to call Carrie's "apple-bottom" look. There's a song that mentions apple-bottom jeans (jeans for ghetto big booties). These pants are so skinny-legged that even a fresh clean diaper makes her look like she has a little "apple-bottom" booty.

**We had family pictures taken today so as soon as I get to see them, so will all of you!!**


Coleen said...

I love love love her little "apple bottom, so cute, she is getting so big and now she is trying to talk too....Oh my, I have got to see this girl and soon. Much love

Henderson Family said...

Her little apple bottom bum sure was cute. I think Katie marie was pretty good with Santa, because of all the babysitting that went on at that age. Belinda would probably have a fit. That is so cute that Carrie is starting to talk.