Monday, December 21, 2009

Roller Coaster Ride

No, we haven't riden a roller coaster lately, we're living one. The "UPs and DOWNs" fom this weekend.

UP: Justin got to stay home with Carrie and me on Friday!
DOWN: The reason he stayed home was because he was sick...
UP: Justin started to feel a little bit better on Saturday
DOWN: Carrie's tooth STILL hasn't broken through and she's had a runny nose for days
UP: Carrie played the Wii for the first time (sitting on my lap while I held her hand in mine with the wii-mote)
DOWN: She knows where the wii-mote charger can be found now and tries to get the cords
UP: I got to go shopping with my mom while Carrie took a really good nap
DOWN: Saturday night, I started to feel yucky...
UP: Beautiful Christmas program at church
DOWN: Justin's feeling-better was a fluke and we had to go to church without him.
UP: Carrie looked ADORABLE in her Christmas dress! And we got pictures!
UP: Justin felt better enough to go to work this morning (or he's just toughing it out... What a good man I snagged!)
UP: Thanks to Sudafed, I'm feeling better this morning too!
UP: Carrie slept awesome last night and we didn't get up this morning until 8:45!

I guess the roller coaster is momentarily on a big climb up. Let's hope it stays that way! Enjoy the pictures! (sorry the lighting isn't the best!)
Beautiful Christmas Dress
On the run! "I'm done taking pictures!"

"Okay, I guess I can do one more with Rooster"

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Brittney said...

That is a beautiful Christmas dress!!! I hope you are all feeing good for Christmas!!!