Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Our 100th Post! (among other news)

Well, to save money in this bad economy, we canceled our "100th Post" Parade, but if you use your imagination, this post is almost as exciting... (haha)

A few fun things have come up before the New Year! First of all... *drumroll*... CARRIE GOT HER FIRST TOOTH!! Finally!!! That little thing has been teasing us for weeks! Yesterday it finally poked through and today, (suprise suprise) Carrie actually napped well! She's been rotten about sleeping the last couple of days, but it seems the tooth was the problem! If you were expecting any pictures, you should know better. She won't even hardly let me take a look at it, let alone let the camera take a look. Someday...

In other news, our FHE this week was going to see the Mesa Temple Christmas lights! It was cold, but really pretty. Here are some pictures from it.


And also finally, a video of Carrie walking. This is from last week right before she decided to start walking ALL the time, so it's not as good as she can do it now, but you can get a taste. More video to come, I'm sure.

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Brittney said...

She is so cute walking!!! I love the Mesa Temple lights. We saw those last year. Gorgeous!!