Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Going on Strike Against "Being Sick"

I. Hate. Being. Sick.

Even worse, I. Hate. Justin. Being. Sick.

And the cherry on top... I. Hate. Carrie. Being. Sick.

Our super fun trip to New Mexico this weekend for New Years ended up being squashed by the sick bug. Here's how the weekend went.

We hit the road Thursday afternoon (New Years Eve) and pulled into Justin's parent's house around 11:00pm (Justin's sister Alysha and our niece Savannah were there too). Since New Years Eve isn't really all that exciting without a party and after a 7 hour drive, we all just had a glass of sparkling cider and went to bed. Oh wait... except Carrie. She had taken a "nap" in the car around her bedtime and decided that she wanted to be up and play. She (we) finally got to sleep just before 1 in the morning. I guess she just wanted to ring in the new year.

Friday was good. We spent most of the day at Justin's Grandma's eating a big lunch/dinner and playing games. Saturday was spent lounging around, Justin and his dad golfing, the girls roaming Wal-Mart, and watching Justin's dad ref a local high school basketball game.

**Weak stomaches, stop reading here** Saturday night came around and Justin wasn't feeling well. Around 9:30 that night he started throwing up. I felt bad, but pretty much all I could do was pat his back and get him sips of water. We were finally able to get to sleep for a little while when at 12:30, Carrie woke up screaming. I found her in her pack'n'play covered in throw-up... :( This is the first time Carrie has ever been sick like this. It was awful. We ALL sepnt the entire night awake while Justin and Carrie were sick around the clock. I started to keep a tally just because I'm weird like that. Between bedtime Saturday night and wake-up time Sunday morning, Carrie had thrown up 11 times, Justin, 22 times.


Carrie started to feel better Sunday and didn't throw up anymore. Justin however, kept it up through the day Sunday (at least at a slower pace). We were planning on going home on Sunday afternoon so Justin could get back to work early Monday morning. Since we didn't know if Carrie was going to be sick again and with Justin still feeling awful, we decided to stay an extra night in New Mexico.

**Side note** One of Justin's other sisters, Danielle, her husband JJ, and our nephew Logan came just for the day on Friday. Friday night, Logan was sick. It was the beginning of it all...

Early Sunday morning, Justin's mom threw up. Sunday afternoon, Justin's sister Alysha threw up. Sunday evening, it finally hit me and I threw up too! We found out later, that all day Sunday Justin's sister Danielle and Justin's Grandma were sick too. Out of all of the family who spent time together this weekend, 8 of the 11 got sick.

We were luckily feeling better enough by Monday morning to make the trip home. Only a few hours after we got home though, Justin started up again. He went to work this morning, but was very very NOT happy about it. The rest of us are probably at about 90% recovered.

It's a good thing we were able to have a little fun in New Mexico before everything fell apart. We didn't get any pictures, sadly. We also didn't have much time to concentrate on New Year's Resolutions. We'll work on that for the next post...


Brittney said...

I hope you get feeling better!!!

The Crebs Family said...

We have been sick around here too..hope you feel better.