Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My To-Do List Motivator

Well, I pretty much asked for this...

With the new clothes Carrie got for Christmas and all the 12 month size clothes I've been pulling one by one out of the closet, she has way too many clothes to fit in her dresser right now. I'm pretty sure there are still 6 month sizes in there.

So for about the last week, I've put her clothes in these shelves. It's been on my to-do list since then to clean out her drawers and box-up the smaller clothes so I can put all the right size clothes neatly away in the dresser.

Apparently I wasn't getting around to it fast enough. One of Carrie's new favorite things is to go into her room and shut the door. This is what I saw when I found her only about a minute after she'd gone in there.
. Looks like I'm going to be re-arranging her dresser today :)


**After about 20 minutes of re-arranging... Wow, I knew she had some things that were too small, but I didn't realize it was THIS much! All these clothes were in her dresser and are too small for her now. Her wardrobe actually looks pretty tiny now.

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Brittney said...

You are so funny!!! I love it.