Thursday, January 14, 2010

1988 called; They Want Their Pajamas Back

My mom kept a rare few things from when I was a baby. One thing she kept were these pajamas that I wore when I was close to Carrie's age. I had Carrie try them on last night and they're almost too small! I'm glad I found them when I did (during the recent clothes and closet re-arranging).

My brothers also had fun a couple nights ago trying to teach Carrie how to drink from a drinking fountain (my parents have one in their house). You have to watch both videos, (they're not very long) SOO funny!

Pretty good for the first try :)


Brittney said...

Cute videos!!! I especially like the first one. How cute!!! Way cute pajamas too.

LUCKY7 said...

The second picture reminds me of nacho libre (these are my recreational clothes)Cute jammas!

Brown Family! said...

Hey Rebecca!! :) I can't believe Carrie is almost one! I swear I was just at your baby shower at our apartment in Provo haha :) She is so cute!!

Sierra said...

Hey cutie, you did pretty good drinking from the water fountain, I liked the first one where you just sort of sucked the water off your hand. Pretty cute!
Love Nana

Melissa said...

haha! I'm sure my mom still has some of those too! Love them! Carrie is getting so big!!