Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hooray for Tax Returns!!

We just filed our taxes online using TurboTax. Super easy, I love it. It took us about 30 minutes total and our return is going to be TWICE as much as we expected! Yahoo!!!

This is very good news because now we'll have a LOT more elbow room as we continue our "house-hunting". We're still sticking to our original price range, but now we'll have a little extra for things like a new couch or fresh paint if it's needed.

Speaking of house hunting, I think I'll stop talking about it for a while. Not to keep you all out of the loop, but it's too "up and down" and annoying/confusing. A couple days after my last post where we "lost" our first choice, we signed an offer for another house. Before we even had a chance to submit it, my dad (our realtor) talked to the selling realtor and found out it had also just been snatched. Soooo, we're back to searching online, making more trips to look at homes and trying to find new options. I'll let you know when something happens. :)

In other random news, tonight my little brother Kevin will be having his Eagle Court of Honor. He finished all his paperwork and had his final review the night before his 18th birthday! (Talk about cutting it close!) Anyways, we're really proud of him. Good job bro!


Jenelle said...

Good luck with the house hunting! We just filed our taxes too and are getting almost double what we thought as well! So that means I am going to get a pedicure tomorrow :)
And I just wanted to say that your bloging resolution is great- thanks for updating so often, its fun to read and see what you guys are up to!

Laura Cook said...

We are still waiting for one of Ty's W2s but I'm hoping we get a good return too!!!!