Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Playing Outside

We spent a lot of time outside today. First, we sat for about an hour on my parents driveway with our new craigslist couches and my mom's carpet cleaner/upholstery attachment. It'll probably take one or two more times of cleaning to finally be really good. At least we have time (and my parents' garage to store them in). Since a few of you have asked, here's a couple pictures of the couches. (Some of the spots you can see are wet spots from me cleaning today)

While the couches sat out drying on the driveway, we took a walk across the park to the playground.playground. We did the slide and swings, both of which she loved!
Checking out the leaves at the park on the way
Sitting at the top of the slide. This is the only picture I could get. After this, Carrie got REALLY brave and the second I would set her at the top of the slide, she'd scootch herself forward and slide down all on her own. Yeah!

We had so much fun! I love mommy-daughter playdates!


Coleen said...

Carrie is just a doll! The couches look really nice, good job cleaning them.
Miss you guys, give Carrie lots of kisses for us.

Laura Cook said...

The couches and the car look really nice! I'm so excited for you guys and your new house!!!! Crystal loves the slide at the park too! Aren't they going to be so much fun this summer?!?!?! Our new apartment is literally next door to a city park!!! Its going to be so much fun!!