Tuesday, August 9, 2011

All Over the Place

I have neither the desire nor the energy to make sense today. Therefore, this post is going to be literally all over the place.

Carrie has created this "nap corner" in her room. She throws her extra pillow, all her animals, baby dolls, blankets, etc into the space and somehow manages to find a little room for herself to sleep. (That is, on the rare days she actually takes a nap....)

When I chopped her hair off several months ago, I immediately regretted taking away the ability to do piggy tails. Don't get me wrong, I loved her cute little A-line bob, but I surely missed the piggies. A few days ago, I decided to try it again. And hooray! It's just barely long enough that I can do the "waterfall double piggy" style of piggy tails!

Yesterday we went to help my mom finish setting up her 6th grade classroom for the school year to start tomorrow. My mom thought it would be fun to get a piece of butcher paper and draw a life-sized outline of Carrie.

And now to show off my mad art-eest skills.... I drew this poster-board sized cartoon version of my mom to put on her bulletin board in the hallway. Apparently I was an instant celebrity with her students at back-to-school night :)

Carrie had fun coloring on my mom's smart board. I liked it because there was zero risk for coloring on herself! It's all digital!

This morning a friend called and invited us to go to McDonalds with her and her kids. We went, ate breakfast, the kids played in the playplace.... it was fun! A few minutes before we left, I was trying to coax Carrie to come down the slide by calling her name from the bottom. A random little boy came over and starting helping me call her name. When Carrie finally came down, he helped her down, and they started holding hands and staring into each others eyes.... It was bizarre!! I'm pretty sure "that moment" isn't supposed to happen for about 20 more years! Anyways, they stuck to each other like glue for the few minutes before we left. His mom and I had to almost literally pull them apart from each other while they were whining, "No, I want to stay with Joey!/Carrie! I want you to stay with me!"...... *Remember, they had only met a few minutes before...* It was very strange and adorable at the same time!

Here is a close-up of the mini cupcakes I made last weekend...

...for THIS awesome new missionary. He left this afternoon to go to the MTC. Elder Christopher Beeson will be serving the Lord for two years in the Chile, Santiago North mission! (Justin was in Santiago West). His family have been ridiculously close friends with my family since he and my younger brother were in the same kindergarten class 14 years ago. We're so proud of him and especially excited that he's going soooo near to Justin's mission!

I'm having a pretty blah couple of days, but hopefully they'll turn around soon. It's annoying to feel like sludge when I still have things to do around the house and cute stories of Carrie to tell.....


The Gatherers said...

I love this post! Every story made me smile, hope next week will bring more energy for you!

Meagan said...

fun post! Carrie's hair looked cute- and made me realize I have a lot to learn about hair-dos before my girls get older!