Friday, August 26, 2011

What Carrie's Been Up To

This week Carrie has been with Justin's parents in New Mexico. Just for fun. It seems it's becoming an annual tradition in late summer. Here's a peek at what she's been up to this week!

Eating lunch with her cousin Logan at Nana and Papa's kiddie table
Eating a whopping-huge bowl of strawberry ice cream with sprinkles because she ate all her dinner
Posing big time for the camera

Getting her nails done in a salon with Nana's activity days girls.
Complete with polka-spots! (As she would say) ;)

Swinging with the neighbor kids

Playing with puzzles at Nana's office

Chillin' on the couch and occasionally staying up past bedtime to snuggle with Nana and watch a movie. :)

We've sure missed having her at home! From the few phone conversations and camera-phone shots, we're pretty sure she's having a great time, but we're glad she's coming home tomorrow!! Apparently this morning she told Nana, "Let's go to mommy and daddy's house".... I guess one week is the home-sick limit for this two year old! (And for her mommy and daddy too!)


The Gatherers said...

so cute, I bet she'll be so happy to be home!

Matt and Jayna said...

What a fun little vacation she had! I love that she got her nails done. :0) I bet you all missed each other!