Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Because I'm Paranoid

Today I had an unexpected doctor's visit. All day yesterday I was cleaning like a wild woman trying to get the hoarder-like amount of clean laundry piles folded and put away. It was ridiculous. We literally had a walking path through our bedroom from the door to the bathroom and to each side of our bed.... When it doesn't get done the first day, every day it gets harder to do.

Anyways, I finally got all that done and went to bed feeling exhausted. The next morning after we got up and ate breakfast I decided to dust a little. I'd only been on my feet for about 10 minutes when I had to sit down because I was aching so bad. And not just sore muscles all over... The icky lower pelvic ache that usually only accompanies the last week or two of pregnancy when you're about ready to deliver. It totally freaked me out! I'm only 14 weeks!!

So I called the doctor and they scheduled me to come in half hour later for a checkup. The MA did the doppler and it took her several minutes to find the baby's heartbeat. Even then, I didn't actually hear it, she just said that the monitor picked it up at 152 beats.

When the doctor came in, I apologized for being paranoid and asked if she could please do the doppler again. I wanted the reassurance of hearing it. She looked up at me and said, "You're allowed to be paranoid, I've seen your chart!"... It made us both laugh and me feel better. I feel like the doctors and office staff must be sick of my paranoia by now, but you know what?! I'm allowed!! It's been a long time since I've had a normal, boring pregnancy!

She did the doppler again and indulged my need to hear the baby's heartbeat. Everything was perfect and the heartbeat was nice and strong hovering around 150. They did a couple tests and checked to find out what could be causing my pelvic pain and found nothing. I went home with "take it easy" orders, have been "taking it easy: for the last couple hours and I already feel better. I guess all my hard work was just a teeny bit too much for one day.


Coleen said...

Glad to hear everything is ok. Love ya

Mrs. Jaybird said...

You know what? I constantly had that pain/discomfort during my pregnancy with Ellie. It terrified me to the point of numbness for the first 30 weeks. I'm praying that all goes well for you!