Monday, January 23, 2012

Look Who's THREE!!

We have a birthday girl! Tonight we went to Peter Piper Pizza with my family to have dinner and celebrate again! (Carrie called it Peeper Piper, it was adorable!) Luckily my sister had her camera because I forgot mine! We ended up getting tons of cute pictures!

Carrie and Isac riding in the purple car

Me being frustrated and Carrie being confused because we should have won tickets on this game, and they didn't come!

Justin taught Carrie how to throw the skee balls! She couldn't quite throw them hard enough to actually get them to go in, so daddy helped ;)

Another "My Little Pony" She loves her little horsies!

Clothes from Nana and Papa

A singing "Little Mermaid" card. Think she's excited?! (A funny side note: she got the same card last year from someone else! And she loved it then too!)

Daddy teaching his girl how to throw freethrows!

And ride motorcycles.... Good thing she's really girlie at heart!

Justin, Kevin, and Jake making quite the ticket jackpot at a machine

Bite-sized brownies instead of cake


Happy birthday to our wonderful sweet little THREE year old! We've loved every minute so far and look forward to another wonderful year with our cutie Carrie!

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Jenelle said...

Happy B-Day Carrie!
She's such cutie!