Sunday, January 8, 2012

Celebrating Our Angel

We started off celebrating Brigham's birthday yesterday with pancakes. Pink pancakes... per Carrie's request. We figured, why not? Brigham can't make a color request, so we'll let Carrie decide for him. :)

Then we headed up into town and went to the cemetery. Carrie never stays in one place when we visit there, but it's cute. She wanted to put a couple of Brigham's flowers on another grave ;)

Uncle Jake helped distract her by walking on the wall

Our two sweet kiddos. Carrie being goofy, of course

Family photo op

Extended family. It was nice to have my family close by to celebrate with us. They brought the birthday hats, cute huh?!

Some balloons for our birthday boy

We ended our evening by going out to Texas Roadhouse. Carrie still wanted to wear her birthday hat. Our waitress mistook that it meant it was Carrie's birthday, so she got to sit on the saddle and get a birthday "Yee-haw!" from the whole restaurant.

We had a wonderful day celebrating our sweet angel's birthday. I'd worried it would be a very hard day. But then Justin helped me realize I was headed for a bit of self fulfilling prophecy. If I was expecting to have a bad day, I was going to. If I could choose to be happy, it would be a happy day of memories and celebration. So with the help of Justin's wonderful outlook, we had a great day.

We did have a good cry right before bed when we watched our little slideshow of Brigham's pictures that played at his funeral. But there's certainly nothing wrong with crying and missing our boy. We're so glad he's a part of our family for all eternity.

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The Gatherers said...

what a wonderful way to celebrate your sweet little boy! I always love celebrating Bailey's birthday because I get to spend the whole day remembering and honoring her.