Friday, January 13, 2012

Checking in on the Little One

I had my regular doctor's appointment yesterday and let me tell you... I was nervous.... At this appointment last pregnancy, we found out I had miscarried. It was making me antsy all day. We didn't have an ultrasound scheduled or anything, so we just went in, did the normal weight, blood pressure, pee in a cup.... and waited to see the NP. When she came in she said something to the effect of, "Well, everything looks good, we'll see you next time"

That was not cool with me... I asked if we were going to do the doppler or anything. She thought the MA had already done that, but apparently, they're not "supposed" to until 12 weeks. I was 11 weeks and 5 days. REALLY?! They were ready to let me leave the office without checking on the baby at all! Grrrr..... Suffice it to say, I was perturbed. So the NP went to get the doppler. After several minutes and still not being able to find the baby's heartbeat (just because it was too small to catch on a doppler), I requested an ultrasound. There was no way I was going to just wait another 4 weeks to check in on the baby.

Luckily, the ultrasound tech hadn't left for the day yet, so we were the last patient squeaked in. I could hear the confused ultrasound tech asking the NP and MA outside my room asking why she was doing this ultrasound and what she should write on my chart. I didn't hear what the NP answered, but a second later when the tech knocked on our door to take us to ultrasound, I told her, "You can just write 'paranoid' on my chart" We all laughed, but it's true. I've been especially paranoid this whole pregnancy, as I surely hope can be understood...

To our relief and delight, the baby is completely healthy! It's the right size with a strong, wonderful heartbeat. It measured a few days behind, but it did last time too, and as we've found so far, our babies usually measure a tad on the small side, so there was nothing to worry about :) So baby #3, here's to you! Keep up the good work! We want to bring you home this summer!


Brittney said...

Oh good! I am so happy to hear that things are going well!!!

The Gatherers said...

oh my goodness, tears! What a beautiful sight to see! But I can't believe they weren't going to check the baby! I'm glad you were persistant.