Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pink Birthday Party

Carrie's been so excited for yesterday to come..... Her PINK birthday party!!

It was her first friends party and all week she's been asking if it was time for her party yet. It was adorable :) The week would have been better if I hadn't been stuck on the couch with the worst cold of my life, but fortunately I felt better just in time to actually throw a decent party. And bake an AWESOME cake! Withsome help of course! (The towers are made from rice krispie treats)

We decided to run with the pink theme a little and add a Princess theme in there too. So when all the kids came we had them decorate their royal crowns with crayons and sparkly foam flower stickers.

Princess Carrie wore several crowns throughout the day ;)

Even baby cousin Isac got a prince crown

This might be a good time to add that I certainly didn't throw this party on my own. Because of my wicked cold, my sister came to my house Friday morning to take care of me and my house. Her husband works with Justin, so they carpooled home together and my parents came around dinner time. My dad had to go home for work, but the rest of them stayed overnight. So I had Justin, my sister Marissa, Bro-in-law Brandon, AND my mom helping/doing everything at the party.

This is pretty much the extent of my decorations... I don't even know that Carrie noticed, but I was proud of myself anyways considering my state of non-health.

Oh yeah, and tons of pink balloons all over the family room

You'll notice in this picture, Carrie is actually wearing two crowns at once. A true princess indeed...

It seems I didn't get any pictures of our next activity, necklace making. We had colorful shoe laces and a random bucket of beads for all the kids to string on. Luckily we had a lot of adults there because we discovered that shoe-string necklaces are not the easiest thing for three year olds to make on their own. They turned out cute though and the kids loved them.

Next we sang to the birthday girl and her pink princess castle cake. It was a shame to cut into it... At least it tasted good :)

Last, but certainly not least, we did the pinata shaped like a giant crown. Justin figured since the kids were so short, he'd just hold it up instead of hanging it. There were a couple close calls when we got some serious bat swingers, but for the most part, not too dangerous.

It turns out that 3 year olds aren't strong enough to break a pinata on their own, so daddy came to the rescue!

It was such a great party that one of Carrie's little prince friends wiped out for a nap before it even ended!

Uncle Boo-boo enjoyed wearing the pinata crown....

Later that night we went out with our good friend Corynn to celebrate her birthday. (sadly, her hubby couldn't get work off) But there were plenty of other good friends to go bowling with! During our last game of bowling we decided to be goofy and bowl in different silly ways. This look is from the middle of Corynn's slow-motion-baywatch-run-bowl... :)

It was fun to have some grown-up fun time after an afternoon full of three year olds!! Although the three year olds were certainly entertaining! Overall, a fantastic day!


The Picketts said...

I somehow missed this post way back when you wrote it! Sienna STILL wears that crown (actually, today I think will be the last day because she FINALLY ripped it) and her necklace. She seemed like she had a BLAST! :o)

Coleen said...

Looks like it was a great party! Carrie looked adorable in her princess crowns! The cake was awesome. Great job, even though you were sick!

The High Family- said...

I hadn't checked any blogs in a while. Totally made my day that you are having a baby. So thrilled for you guys! You are an amazing family with such faith and love. Congrats and happy birthday to your little lady.

Shawn and Ashley said...

you did good with your party skills!! Congrats on the new baby!